May 13, 2009

Remix !!

Pre-script: The following is a telephone exchange between Subramaniam kuppusami ,a tourist in Thailand and 'Just bake' cake shop receptionist for a birthday cake, Subramaniam is a south Indian and shop receptionist Hennzy is a Thai.

"I waant to worder a cake" - Subramaniam Kuppusami said from the other side.
" Hiu whan da cake fo budde? " - Hennzy responded.
" es "
" Ok, Hiu whan saamti tobee ritin on da cake?"
" es, please write my wife's name, Satyabhama.."
" Kudu speda nemfome saa, weema mek miste in spelin"
" siar,spell as 'yes' as shugyaar,'yea' as yepple ,'tee' as tyango,'wai' as ello ,'yea' as yepple ,'bee' as brawo ,'haich' as yennri,'yea' as yepple ,'yamm' as mike ,'yea' as yepple"
" ok sa, weez kala hiu whan sa?"- Hennzy noted on a paper and said.
"ello please"
"Ok sa.. so, happy baddeto Shatabama' rye ? Hiu whan henitin mo tobee ritin?"
" es, 'with laau raagu' spell as aar,yea,gee,haich,yu."
" tenjewberrymuds fo colin 'jass be', cake wibbi onya dooste widi an aar"
" tank you"
" Hiu aar weekam "


  1. you wrote this at 5am!! LOL! I yemmm liking dissshhhh!! thike aasa tu? :D
    " tenjewberrymuds focolin 'jass be', cake wibbi onya dooste widi an aar"

    please explain! i'm highly confused!!

  2. Yeah Bhargav @5AM..hehe
    It means: "Thank you very much for calling just bake, cake will be on your doorstep within an hour"

    bujila :D

  3. yep..etiya bujilu :D this is interesting! please continue writing things like these!

  4. Dude....took me two reads...slowly to confirm the sentense... very funny ...especially when he spells his wife's name...

    n i'm a south indian... :-)

  5. Hey buddy,

    That was really kewl. Aye yem vyery vyery imbressed.... :D

  6. LoLz !! u made me smile !! thanks dude :)

  7. Uhuhuh...Me the only pigeon-head here who didnt get it :(
    Its as difficult to read as it is to!!

  8. OH!!!!! ROFLMAO!!

    Yippeeeeeeee....loved this one!!

    The thai chic spellin his wife's name!! Lol!!!!!

    Superb!! Bring more of this kinds Hashan! :P

    P.S.: Me too a tamilian!! N you can spell my name as Yae Yae Aar Tee Haich Ayi (Aarthi)! :P



  9. P.S. I am also tamilian.. :P

  10. @Rose it twice or thice..def u'l understand !!

  11. @ RD

    lol..:D.. thank u so much :)

    @ Nusrath

    Thanks :)

    @ all

    No intention to hurt anyone :) Just for a laugh :D ...LOve u all :)


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