May 2, 2009

Love,Life,Heartbeats and Cellphone - 1

My hand reaches out earnestly in these times of confusion.
It dials the number of a familiar and calming voice ...
And gratefully, my lifeline to sanity ... remains intact. “

HIM – hey dear! How is life? ( in a voice choked! )

HER – don't try to hide your restlessness by your ever stupid formal gestures!

What happened?

HIM – nothing!(frustrating manner!)

HER – there surely is something!

HIM – how can you be so sure?

HER – because you are pressing a bit too hard on “nothing!”.....

( a long pause.... )

HER – hello???? you there???

HIM – yeah!

HER – what happened? Not getting my voice or what???

HIM – was just thinking how good you know me....

HER – (voices of whispering smiles... !!)

HIM – what was funny?

HER – your talks are so very cute even when you are feeling low!

HIM – will call you back... bye! Not feeling well today...(aggressively!)

HER – wait! What happened???

HER – hello????

(dial tone ... too too too... fades away).....



Thanks a ton to pink orchid for inspiring me with "Him and Her" posts! as well as the advices during the decision making process for selecting the title for this series that I started on my blog ( @ CROSS POSTED - POETIC CRIES OF INTERPERSONAL EXPRESSIONS )


  1. and then??? post soon....

  2. i liked what i read..and got all surprised when I read my name in the end.. :P thanks and all not in friends..pljjj! :P

  3. @ yamini - thanks for the anticipation...

  4. yeh kya kiya? pinky ko thanks bol diya? :P

    maar dalegi! :D

    oh, and interesting series,...
    next kab posting pulkit?

  5. @ leo - next posting on tuesday or wednesday @ my blog :)

  6. @ comfortably numb.... next one out on , most probably till this wednesday... check it for urself ;)

  7. watiting for wednesday then

    keep writing ~

  8. @ aparna - thanks dear!
    But then ... U have to catch it at my blog ;)


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