May 9, 2009


I don't know,
Why I miss you so....

A longing that is too painful..
I dream of you too often
to believe your absence

Tears defeat me frequently,
I know you are nowhere in my life
Yet I await YOU...

The moments of togetherness
are still too fresh
and it hurts that I can only see them
through my mind's eye
And too hard to believe that they are
No longer, A Reality!!!


  1. i can feel weave magic in your words

  2. Beautiful! You words are a perfect depiction of all the 'what might have beens' we have all experienced.

  3. Pain morphed into words! the longing....aptly conveyed....sadly beautiful! cld feel da pangs of loneliness interspersed with nostalgic instants! luvd it! :)

  4. Very poignant...
    you've proven how poems with simple words can be more meaningful n expressive...great read..

  5. @ Freelancer, Angela, Mav, Arun,

    I guess words weave itself into heartfelt emotions when you feel it, breathe it.. And I have been through this..

    Longing is too painful.. Wish no one ever feels this pain

  6. Longing hurts.. Always. Beautiful poem. Feel like replying to it :)

  7. The pain of separation and the memories of beautiful moments past!

  8. @ Ms. R,
    What would be the reply?

    & Pisku,
    It hurt then, and it hurts now sometimes

  9. i could feel the pain in these lines.. you write so well sheena :)

  10. it was heartfelt ... some how we never have answer for missing someone like hell !!


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