May 10, 2009

Sunday Special: Sita Sings The Blues!

Originally posted at Reviews etc by Bhargav Saikia

Enjoy the movie folks!
Nina Paley's Sita Sings The Blues is one of the most absorbing and compelling animated feature films you will ever come across. 

A still from Sita Sings The Blues (In picture: Lord Ram, Hanuman and Sita)

In Sita Sings The Blues, Paley cleverly synchronises Valmiki's Ramayana with jazz vocals from the 1920s to depict two parallel stories; first The Ramayana itself and second, an autobiography about her separation from her husband. She backs it up with excellent 2D animation and attractive sketches which are visually spectacular to say the least. The Indonesian shadow puppets as narrators further enhance the film, casually questioning the validity of Valmiki's epic. I must urge you to watch Sita Sings The Blues. It's a riot of creativity that you wouldn't want to miss at any cost!

Watch Sita Sings The Blues (full film in HD) below:

To watch in full screen mode, click the button next to the volume control bar.

Please note: Nina Paley has released the film under a Creative Common Attribution Sharealike license. So it is perfectly legal to view it online for free!


  1. Hmmm.. Seems it is a must see...

  2. freelancer:
    Thanks man. It's a must watch!

    Yup, definitely!

  3. definitely gonna check it out n will post a comment soon...

  4. will come back to see it :)

  5. never heard of it .. but thanks for telling :) will look out for it :)


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