May 9, 2009

Winning herself back..

She stood crying in front of the mirror. Her mascara had lon since smeared all over her pale cheek and the mirror seemed to cruely reflect each smudge. The dress she was wearing was a li'l too small, its colour a li'l too faded, and the mirror found delight in throwing these details in her melancholy face. The longer she looked, the more details the mirror pointed out. Sadly, she stared at the mirror's reflection, and it made her tears flow in currents, washing away the last of her blck eye make-up as well as the last of her self respect.

Then, something unusual happened, something she couldn't explain.
She stopped crying. Turning away from the wretched silver surface that had ruled her life for so long, she ooked inward instead. It wasn't easy. On her way to her real self, she came across many obstacles, like her weight or her clothes or even her toothy smile; these things had been so important before, but now she realized they simply stood in her way. So she dug deeper, into the part of her that had been invisible for all these years--because she has chosen not to look at it. Under many "problems" that her mirror caused her to obsess over, there was an intelligent girl with a friendly attitude and a positive outlook. Before she could guess, her tears had cleansed her face and her mind had cleansed her soul.

She turned back to the mirror, but this time it threw nothing at her face. She had nothing to hide and nothing for the pretty mirror to laugh at. She walked towards the mirror and did something she had sone plenty of times before...she smiled and thus won herself back!

Till the next time,

P.S. This come from the diary of a girl who was once in search of herself, and later rose as a winner, winnig herself back:)


  1. wow....that's kewl....
    who was she btw???

  2. self discovery...great read...
    In the P.S....u've said later 'Rose' as a winner...
    any pun intended...???

  3. self well portrayed...awesome...I simply enjoyed it...Keep writing!!

  4. Hats off to everyone embracing oneself the way they are! :D

  5. @winnie
    thanks...keep reading and encouraging:)

  6. @arun
    the same goes for you--search me!

  7. @ Ms R
    yay!this is dedicated to all the ppl who are looking within...time to celebrate yourself guys:)

  8. liked this one !! it directly went to my heart .. i could see myself standing in front of the mirror... but i dnt knw yet for sure what the mirror shows me !


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