May 11, 2009

I Wish...

I long for the divine love
Pure it is as the lovely dove
Looking at you,
I Wish i was the moon you see

Your glance sink my heart
In your presence might melt
Beautiful is your love like tulips
I wish i was the smile on your lips

You are my only happiness
My heart enjoys the perfect bliss
So i lift my hands and look above,
I wish i was the love you love

I Love You, from my heart and soul
Only with you i would be delightful
Illusion of love, is what i foresee
I wish i was the dream you see

Miles deep is my love for you
Brightest star in the sky is only for you
Urging to be with you,
I wish i was the shadow which follows you !
P.S : I also wish these stupid fights in WL wil end soon !


  1. once again...lovely poem...very romantic,,..

    yeah...I too hope the fights end soon...Its spoiling the happy atmosphere....

  2. Hey Gal,

    That was lovely.. Just delightful..

    I am late, but why are these fights happening??

  3. Arun
    Thanx a ton dear.. :)
    Hmmmm u r rite.. Its spoilin the mood in WL. Lets wait n c if they ll resolve it n everythin ll b fine hopefully..

  4. Migzie
    Thanx a lot dear.. :)
    Even i dunno d reason..But hope everythin ll b alrite..

  5. lovely lines....dun worry, everythng will be f9 vry soon, am sure:)
    u knw, small small things happen in big big places n all tht...chill:)

  6. agree with CN !! dnt worry of that ... btw.. lovely wishes ... sweet song i wanna make out of it .. if only i knew music ;)

  7. i guess everyone in love wish the same...its was just so sweet...:)
    I love the 4th stanze..atriculation in perfect words :)

  8. Indeed very romantic.

    My fav lines are
    "Your glance sink my heart
    In your presence might melt"

  9. Numb
    thanx dear :)
    Ya ya true :p

  10. Pretty
    Thanx dear :)
    Oh ive it try.. U might win a grammy :p

  11. Looking at you,
    I Wish i was the moon you see


    I so want to convey these lines to someone.. :P

    and Girl.. love you for the P.S. :)

  12. Rose
    Lovely name/nick btw.. U remind me of Rose of Titanic.. Loved her.. N luv u too.. :)
    Thanx a ton.. Yea its kinda evcerybody's wish who fall in love :p

  13. Bhargav
    Thanx dear :)

  14. Pink
    Chooo chweet.. Sure use it.. He ll fall fa u.. :)
    Hope tat PS helped :p
    Luv u too :)


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