May 4, 2009

SuRpRiSe SuRpRiSe... :)

Hey all at WL,
This is a pure devilish attempt from my side!
*Checks the mic*

*Mic testing 1...2...3...*
Lets wish our friend a happy wala super fantabulous birthday!

Come on, lets sing...
*Everybody sings*
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to You,
OH!! I forgot to tell you about the Budday boy... its our friend NIKHIL a.k.a. Nik... for whom I am writing this!

*Continues singing the birthday song*
Happy Birthday dear Nikhil,
Happy Birthday to you! :)

God bless you with loads and loads of smiles, happiness and success in every endeavour of yours. May you achieve everything you desire in life. May the air of happiness always be around you! :)

Ok, now its time to gift you something from our side :

P.S.: Sorry Nik, I know you'll scold me for this, but I wanted everyone to wish you! :)
I hope the roses and candy box compensates for what I did! :P
Happy Birthday! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Have a rocking wala happy budday ;)

  2. Many Happy Returns of the Day Nik...!! :)

    Have a lovely day and a lovelier future.. :)

    Good Aarthi..


  3. wow ...that was so sweet of u :-)
    Now i m thinking why didn't come up with this :P...ok Nik now its too my surprise will be next yr :D
    chal Happy wala Birthday....bday boy...enjoy and have loads of fun and ya the bums too :P

  4. Many many many many happy returns of the day!

  5. happy birthday Nik!!

  6. @nuchu

    Thnks a lot yaar... keep wishing the nest fr me... :)

  7. @nab
    Yea yea...bums are left still??? are you MAD!?? i m still in pain !!! :(

    anyway...thanks a lot again.....!!

    Thnks arjun for the swwet wishes...!

    @ms r

    Thnx a lot and yes i m hvng a rockin budday!!!

  8. @aarthi!!
    THANKS FOR SUCH A LOVELY DEDICATION!! This is one of the very few fabulous surprize gifts i got!!!

    I so wish main chocolate sabke saath share karke khaa sakta, but sabka bad luck, ab main kone me baithke akele saari chocolates khaaunga...!!! ;P

    Thnx a lot aarti..!

  9. Hehe Nik,

    My pleasure... :D

    Have a fabulous budday! :D



  10. Hi!!
    I am a new entrant in WL. Don't know you yet..

    Just came in to wish Happpiieeee Birrdeee!! Have a rocking day!

    I just glanced through your blog, gotta read it still..

  11. haha..that was cho chweet !!
    happy birthday once again :)

  12. @zendagi migzara

    Thanks a lot..! and i hope u like my blog too... :)

    @hashan and chirag

    thnk u ppl... i so love WL !!

    thnx 2 evry1... :)

  13. how can silent soul be silent after this terrific dedication?! :)

    he'll jump up and shout! and he did too! :D

    happy b'day nik!

  14. am i late... hahaha...have lost count as to hw many times i have wishd u bday boy....but ya happy bday once agn...i am sure this is one f d best bdays u ever had...

  15. Belated bday wishes Nikhil..!!!

    Nice wish frm ur friend...!!!

  16. @shwe...seriously...this was one of the best!!

  17. @nik,
    wherez our treat? :P


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