May 13, 2009


I'm all alone in a room that is dark,
Fighting the urge to add another mark.
My tears are flowing, my thoughts collide,
And the end result I'll have to hide.

I'm battered, bruised and all alone,
Unable to fight this on my own.
Friends used to help me through the day,
But they saw my pain and ran away.

I'm growing weaker as the days pass,
Afraid today might be my last.
I know the next move is upto me,
Asking for help is the only key.

Till the next time,

P.S. Dedicated to my friend, who hated the world for it was responsible for what she was going through. I salute her spirit for fighting back...loads of love:)
And yes, Rashi and Leo, thanks for previewing it :)


  1. I told you it is beautiful :) Seems like a second part of one of mine!

  2. tormented words ....painful poem..
    wat hppnd to your friend..?? (dont mind me askin)
    n btw....what does this line mean..??
    "fighting the urge to add another mark"

  3. looks like i was last night !! such feelings told so simply !!

  4. Rose,

    This is the post I was talking about

  5. @arun
    the line is well...she used to bruise herself whenever she used to feel hurt, so that the pain flows away with blood...somethin' psychological...ask rash , she canexplain the psychological thing..:)

  6. @pretty lady
    thanks ...:)
    encouragement..aahhh...greater than anythin':D

  7. now that's inspiring....i hope kuch sikha tumne usse!!!


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