May 13, 2009

Smile Valley High


"And this is the basket ball court" melissa said pointing to a huge ground.

"Oh..Its huge!" Josh said.

"Well of course it is. SVH has the largest ground in this state!" she said proudly.

"Oh..i didnt know that babe." Josh said flirting again.

"Hmm...." Melissa mumbled.

"Okie bye Josh ive to go for class" Melissa said and rushed.

They bid bye to each other and walked away. Just as Josh was walking he saw a tall girl in cheer leading costume. She was smiling happily and walking swinging her school bag.

"Hi i am Josh" Josh said smiling flirtaciously.

"Oh hi i am Angela" she waved.

Josh and Angela kept staring at each other for a while. They were each others thoughts.

"Oh...he looks so cute! He is the most handsome boy on the planet" Angela thought to herself

"Oh, those eyes pull me in...its like im drowning....she's beautiful" Josh thought to himself.

"Hey are you in my class? Ive seen you there?" Josh said thinking

"Oh yes...but you werent there today were you?" Angela asked

"No..i had gone to basketball registrations....umm...can you lend me the notes.??" Josh asked

"Ya sure i have written down a bit..but my friend will give it this evening so you'll have to collect it from home." Angela smiled

'Oh thats ok!" he said. She gave her address and they went bidding goodbye.


Justin and stella were too shy to say anything. But Justin broke the silence.

" have to go now. I'll show you the rest later!" he said

"Oh..sure" she stammered " i dont know anyone else and i will have to miss now's class due to some work so can you lend me your notes?

"Oh..."he said absently "Ok sure!"

Stella Symond

Gosh i cant believe i am saying this but Justin has such cute and adorable eyes. His smile makes me mad. Why am i saying this? No stella control yourself. You dont go saying this the first time you meet someone. But he agreed to give me his notes... does that mean anything? Well if a boy agrees to give you notes that doesnt mean anything! Oh god save me im going mad

Justin Matthews

Stella is so pretty...i think ive seen no pretty girl.. no one as pretty as her. But i cant say these. I only have to study. Thats my only aim. But she makes me dizzy. Her smell..oh...the perfume is so sweet like her. Her the sea...calming, soothing and amazingly...Justin stop!!!


  1. goin good...although i expected different pairs to get together....but thats jus me...

  2. hey Sonshu!
    i started reading a bit late, but nonetheless, the story line is amazing!
    You a twilight Fan? ;)
    and i live the way you write..u remind me of my grade 8 days.. i used to read some of these kinds..
    and dat diary waala concept - thumbs up!

  3. perfecto !! a pat on ur back DEAR :)

  4. @Arun: Its a web//so anything can happen yet!

  5. @Miss Sunshine: Oh thts okie....but u read right? Thanks a lot!

  6. hey dear abhi exams chal rahe hain so I come to louge for shprt spells...
    ek din after 22nd! fursat se...I will read all episodes and comment okies!
    tc hugs!
    keep writing!

  7. @Pulkit: Sure i undrstnd! Baadme padlena!


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