May 3, 2009


My eyes followed the setting sun
As it sank into the distant hills
It followed the raindrops in the air
Pitter-pattering on window sills
The cool breeze stroking my hair
Tears of joy in my eyes it fills

My ears sought the river’s voice
As it flowed past me in silent grace
When it hits the stones nearby
Its droplets hitting my smiling face
The twilight in the reddish sky
Like magic conjured in nature’s ways

The fragrance of the lush red roses
Filled my heart with love anew
Played with my deepest emotions
Gave my life a brand new view
The stars now appear above me
In the sky like drops of dew

Sweet honey my tongue sought
Its taste just blew me away
Took me back to that joyful place
Where my heart just begs me to stay
Where I can watch the sunset again
Where someday my children can play

My heart only sought hers
The smile on her face
The sound of her laughter
Her charm and her grace
My hands clasped in hers
Till the end of my days


  1. So very peaceful.. The words and the flow were just beautiful..

  2. awesome poem, Leo!

    the rhyming is so serene and the flow is breathtaking! A master @ wrk again! :)

  3. you romaticised her and the nature well

    nice rythm and flow of words

    keep writng ~

  4. Excellence personified is what you are with you pen mister...! :)

    This was like one, which "fills" u with an awesome tingling vibe in inside...u feel like to hold the hand of someone u love right now....!

    Awesome work usual... ;)

  5. @sheena,

    thank u! :)

  6. @mav,
    thank u! :)
    no master! :P

  7. @aparna,

    romanticised? :) glad u saw that way!


  8. @nik,
    thanks u! :)

  9. As i asked always...

    Itna acha kaise likhtay ho?:D Vinay I am soo glad by your wirtting dont knw why but a smile is on my face.. :) you penned you imagination perfectly

  10. this drew a lot of images in front of my eyes.. lovely poem bhaai! a five star rating to you.. :)

  11. @insi,

    effect of having great friends i guess! :)

    glad u loved it! :D


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