May 3, 2009

The Dead Side of the Moon!!

As the day dies slowly
The sun lowered in its grave
The skies washed off, its hues
Instead, painted a velvety black, save
For a few Streaks of silver and blue

Drapes of darkness drawn
I breathe the stillness in
Held in the embrace of the moonlight
Purges me of thoughts malign

Hiding within is the real me,
That “Me” tries to break free,
That “Me” treads all the alleys within,
Sprinting, to escape the prison
Dodging the traps, resisting surrender

I submit myself to the silence outside
Sinking in the lap of this night
A riot of feelings within, without
Waves of emotions surging high
They tumble down my cheeks
I shiver, I shriek!

I look the sky in its eye (the moon)
That which is bestowed with praise
For the beauty that it beholds
Has found in many hearts, its place

Just like me,
That beauty is scarred
For it holds within
An elusive past,
Dark secrets,
Unfathomable blotch
Shady thoughts

I realize, I am the “Dead side of the moon”


  1. Very Very impressive! excellent post! luvd it! :)

  2. wow...beautifully written

    i can see the night and the dark moon befalling already

    keep writng ~

  3. impressive entry sheena! :)

    welcome to WL and hope u like ur stay here!

    keep penning such beauties! :)

  4. Amazing. I love seeing the struggle within.

  5. @ Ms.R, Vinay, Aparna and Maverick

    Thanks guys for all the encouragement after my first post.

    When I see your blogs I realize I am a complete novice, but I guess will learn from you'll. Guys if you could also help me in improving the look of my blog, I would be grateful...

  6. the lines are so beautiful.. you have an amazing writing style Sheena.. looking forward to more of your works.. :)

  7. Excellent work, Sheena! Your style is definitely a unique, yet high-praisable quality.

    Talent must have been searching for a long time for you! :o)


  8. @ Angela

    This reply was long overdue, Sowie!!

    Thanks Ma'm for those lovely words. I am flattered..


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