May 3, 2009

WL Cricket Quiz-7

hello friends
iam here again with another cricket quiz
first of all the answers of the last cricket quiz

1.after how many ODI sachin hit his first 100 in ODI?
answer:- after 78th ODI ,in 79th ODI he hit his first hundred

2.what is the highest score of sachin in ODI?tell the venue and team?
answer:- 186* against newzeland at hyderabad in 1999.

3.fastest 100 in how many balls by sachin in ODI?
answer:- 71 balls against zimbambwe at sharjah on 13 nov 1998.

4.sachin is the fan of which tennis player in his childhood?
answer:- Johan Macenaro.

5.tell the venue in this?
answer:- Mumbai

and the winner is:-
no one
sorry Tan i gave an wrong answer of one question and because of that you are not the winner of this quiz

i don't know why there is no person who tells the correct answer of the quiz based on sachin tendulkar ,iam hoping that every Indian know lot about him.

now this week's quiz

1.who hit the 200th six in the IPL -2?

2.who is the first batsman to given out by third umpire in a test match?

3.identify the batsman who got bowled?

4.which umpire got retiered recently?

5.identify the wicket keeper?

send your answers to my mail id( last date for sending answers is 9 may till 8PM.

no winner so no badge


  1. yaar chirag....

    3rd walle ka answer 71 balls hae...

    check out this link...

    this record became the sixth best by an indian when recently sehwag broke the record in new zealand...

  2. the picture questions I don't know.. they are so not visible :P lol
    i know the answer to first :P

  3. aah..yarr wo ground galat gogaya :(( anyways dis time hope will win..:))

  4. alll the best to the participants.. :D

  5. @virtuvian boy
    sorry yaar
    its my mistake
    i will change it now

  6. @miss sunshine
    hust click on the pic and open them in another tab you will get the enlarge pic

  7. @hashan
    koi gal nahi atleast u tried

  8. @likhetu
    nahi tuf nahi hai sabse easy hain

  9. No Winner so No Badge!!!

    I loved this line. Its Ok Chiraag... I had a wrong info about that number of balls. So, its all fine... you need not apologize... I participated and thats all important for me...

    Keep the quiz on... dont leave it anytime, like other quizes... best of luck :)

    Hope your Kings XI Punjab comes second, after my Bangalore Royal Challengers in IPL 2009... Best of luck .. :P

  10. i second tan's last statement! :D

  11. errr!!!!!

    i Know none of the answers :( ab mai kesay participate karoun :(

  12. @tan
    kings xi will rock this IPL
    and beware of them


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