May 19, 2009

First Meeting!

It was their first meeting since they started loving each other...

Date: January 6th 2007
Location: Her Room in her home!
Time: 12 .14pm

He is sitting on her bed...
She is standing by the room door...

Him: Hey come... Sit here (shows the place beside him on the bed)

Her: No... I won’t... I am shy

Him: Don’t be shy plzz... I am your Boy friend, who is going to marry you in few months... Not anyone else...

Her: *Blushing* No... plzz.. I’ll juz stand here.

Him: Ok... Atleast give me your hand... I want to feel it...

Her: Hey... Don’t talk like this... (Warning him by showing her finger)

Him: *Keeps his face like a sad puppy* Ok no need... tell me something...

Her: *Comes near and Sits beside him*

Him: *Laughs closing his mouth with his hand*

Her: *Pulls his ear* I know about you... Rascal!

Him: *Winks at her*... I know about you too, naughty girl!

Her: I love you sooooo much you know... I can never live a life without you... *one drop of tear falls on her right cheek*

Him: Oi, why u crying??!?!! I know you love me sooo much and so am I... You are my life... You are the one, I think of all the time... Plzz na.. Don't cry dii..

Her: *Holds his hand tightly*

Him: *Lifts her hand and kiss it*

Her: *Blushes with Shyness*

Him: Can I give you a kiss??

Her: Oh plzzz... Stop these...

Him: Plzzzzzz…plzzzzzz...

Her: *Stands up from the bed*

Him: *Holds her hand* Hey, where you going?? Ok Ok... At least kiss my mobile phone...

Her: Are you crazy?? , Stupid!

Him: Yeah if I ask you to kiss me, you are moving away... So atleast kiss my mobile phone.

Her: Ok... Wait ah * Takes the phone from his hand and Looks at the phone && looks at him*

Him: *Looking at the phone also… eagerly*

Her: *Kisses him on his cheek*

Him: *Shocked* * Looks at her and Raise his eyebrows*

Her: *Blushes and looks down at the floor*

P.S. How is it???? :P


  1. nice one...mushy... :-)

    huh...with date n time...taken outta your life it seems....

  2. nice one li'l one!! u handeled it well dear ..

    but did not understand this line :

    "Don't cry dii.."

    m i thinking wrong ??

  3. di is like.. mentioning a girl...

    @Arun: Hehe... ;)

  4. awwwweeeeeeeeee :) 'her' is an angel.. and 'he' is a typical guy.. :)

  5. @nuchu : u mean de rt ?? as they say in TN !! got it now :)

  6. fundoo princess. loved the naughty needle bw the two :)

  7. a nice mushy one.....

    Wat a perfect pic 4 the post...

  8. awww sweetheart.. you are sure going places.. that was JUST SO CUTE!! *shouts with happiness*

  9. yeah i got irked at "di' too :P

    hehe, lol cute cute nuchu :D


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