May 19, 2009


The halogens sprayed orange in intermittent patterns all around him.He sat
like a wounded animal trying to make sense of it all.But, what sense?
It was his mistake. He knew that his heart had been fickle and he was a sentimental
being.He knew that time and again he had been hurt.The reason, too much emotions.
Wasn't it he himself who said "too much love makes you sick"

Then why did he break his own rules. Hopes, men , yes , another debatable topic.
This new thing was going great he remembered painfully.This amazingly sweet girl
made him feel special.And, she even said she liked riding with him.

Isn't that a nice thing to say. She even liked his unkepmt hair. She loved talking to him.
So he kept giving her rides and kept falling in love.

"It's time I said this I love you dear"

"emm... I love your bike dear, sorry if I gave you wrong hints"- she hurried off
in the other direction.


  1. 1 line n i know its u dear H !! a lovely write as usual ... but wats wd ur formatting ?? where do u type this before posting ??

  2. notepad. sorry for that ... opened a teeny weeny notepad and typed this :P

  3. i understood that from the format .. it happens wd notepad ;) !!

  4. Lovely feelings expressed H :)

  5. hahaahahaaaha :) i had so much fun reading it... you never gave even a lil bit of clue until the last line.. fantastic!

  6. LOL !!!!

    happens like that, they give you hopes and then walk away saying 'oops, i didnt really mean it' !

    'too much love makes you sick' - interesting!


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