May 15, 2009

Attention Members@Writers Lounge

Hi Family,

A big hug to all of you here. And a warm welcome to all the new comers. Welcome to this family we proudly call our second home. Writers Lounge will turn 1 soon. In this past one year, we have experimented, inspired and shared. We have all given our best to make this place what it is today. Together we have managed to transform WL into an aspirational brand. A blog everyone wants to be a part of. And it would not have been possible without the talented bunch of writers we have with us. Writers who are a part of this big family called the Writers Lounge.

To just inform the new comers, we have never looked at this place as just another group blog. Neither is it one. It is not a space where we cross-post the stuff that we post on our personal blogs to increase readership base. It is a place where we challenge ourselves as writers, where we experiment with stuff which we would not dare on our personal blogs, where we form lifelong bonds with fellow loungers by co-writing stuff, celebrating special days and giving our imagination free reign by carrying on from where someone ends a post, where we learn new styles etc. It's our duty and responsibility to ensure that we use this space well enough and don't indulge in smart things like posting on the lounge a few mins before posting something on your personal blog, thereby wriggling out of the rule that says that you have to write exclusively for the lounge first if posting on weekdays. We dont stop from posting it on your blog later, but dont indulge consciously in smart ways of using this space to simultaneously post stuff from your personal blog. We trust you. And we dont want to and would never want to get into verifying this. But one thing, the day we find out that something like this is happening, you are betraying the trust that we placed in you the moment we accepted you to be a part of the family. Please refrain from doing this. We would love to read you, and as we have always said you are required to kindly leave behind a small update on your personal blog with the link at the end of your every post here on the lougne. Please make it a practice. This is your space. Use it whatever way you want to for experimenting and connecting with all of us here.

As a part of constant endeavour to experiment and challenge the writers to come out of their comfort zones and try their hands at new stuff we are proud to announce theme based days. With this we will consume 6 days of the week and the lounge will be open for cross-posting only on Sundays. We are just giving a direction to all the mayhem here because of the ever increasing number of posts. We will keep on changing the themes from time to time to cater all the genres and would require your suggestions as we proceed. As for the rest of May, the day wise themes are as follows:

Masti Mondays: Let your creativity loose on the most boring day of the week. We will use mondays for having masti here at the lounge. We will turn into crazy kids on Mondays. Masti has no boundaries to it. Masti just means letting go off all inhibitions and having fun.

Love Laced Tuesdays: Shades of love take over fun and the lounge turns all red on Tuesdays. Come, fall in Love @ Lounge with all the faboulous writers here presenting their take on this four letter word with their writes and cupid ready to strike.

Teary Wednesdays: Your pen will make us shed tears. Together we will try to alleviate the pain. Together we will make our bond stronger. Stories with sad endings, sad poetries etc. come pouring out on Wednesdays.

LOL Thursdays: We will ensure that we make you laugh till you drop dead after a day spent crying at the lounge. Thursdays will be for humour and only humour. Come down for LOL's n ROFL's on Thursdays. Writers here will cook up exquisite dishes for you. Humourathon thursdays. Laugh out all worries.

Terror Fridays: Horror and terror will prevail on this day. There will be blood and vampires all around. Arms, ammunition, ghosts, mysteries, shockers....anything on earth which has the potential to give you goosebumps and sleepless nights will be the order of the day every Friday. Come, scare the living daylights out of all the lounge members here on Fridays.

Friends @ Saturdays: We use this holiday to strengthen our bonds, to form new friendships, to connect with all the lounge members, to know each other better, to drop in and say hello to all those whom we dont know. Also, we will explore the wonderful bond called "Friendship" with our prose and poetry on Saturdays.

Sundays: You can cross post from your personal blogs, stories & poetries which you feel are your best and you want to share it with all of us here. Sunday is the day when we would love to read your best posts from your personal blogs.

We all will keep these days in mind and follow this religiously while posting here at WL for May. All the WL series like 2 point someone, Golu Bhondu, Stepman, Lessons in poetry, Reviews, Quiz and any new series anyone wants to start out here dont have to restrict themselves to the above themes. This is just for general posts. But the series should be exclusively written for Writers Lounge.

Hail Writers Lounge.

Love you all,
One from the founding trio - WL
I blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag at: yeM Bee yAe


  1. hey..
    Ths concept of havin specifik days fr specifik thngs is very Good..:)
    I loved it..


  2. I am up and charged for it.. all geared up.. will look forward to the fun and will get my hands dirty too.. :D maza aane wala hai!! aur bhi zyada!! :D

    lets put this up on the sidebar.. just the names of each day that no one forgets.. :)

  3. Would love to write on themes and I am sure it would be a fun if everyone participates...

    ...I am more of a moody writer and I try not to bind my self by themes and all... but then, this is the place where I started to experiment with writing... will try to give this a go...

    However, I hope we will be allowed to post articles other than the theme... because if it is only theme, then it will get boring - at least to me...

    Please clarify Sandeep... waiting for a response...

  4. Hi tan...

    We have tried our best to cater all categories out the best of our knowledge...what is happening right now is that since everyone is posting so much stuff, it is becoming very tough for the reader to browse through. Its a total mayhem out there which you might also agree. So, it would be better if we schedule our impulsive posts for that particular day. We are constantly experimenting to see what will be best for us tan, and this is a step in that direction. Too many posts on a day on different genres are also affecting the comments section yaar...this is to address taht as well...and people continue to cross post...we need to get them into a habit of thinking on the basis of the theme of the day...hope you understand...rather..i know you understand :-)

  5. Hehehehe... I understand Sandeep... So, you meant to say that members can post only based on that theme on that particular day? Nothing else??
    Like Terror or Friday so all posts on terror?
    Maybe A Good idea.. hmm.. lets watch and see... I am nto too sure how it will go... but as I'm into all experiments these days, lets see if I can make it too...

    I must say, you young guns are having great ideas with you - no wonder you word with iDea ;) All the best...

  6. Wonderful..Its going to be challenging as i have never attempted humor. Yaay!!! I am ready..charged like a bull in its course...b4 the race!

  7. this seems exciting...good idea, it does get a bit muddled up sometimes:)
    lets give this format a could turn out to be good!!!

  8. does this come into effect 4m 2mo onwards?

  9. sandeep bro,lets watch and see... atleast for a month,if it goes well that well n good !! Best part i would love to be online whole day on Thursday :)

  10. Hi all...

    Thanx for liking the idea. Leo and me are really happy that you like the days we coined here and would like to give this format a shot. We want to clear the muddle a bit...this is in effect from today...with lot of vampire and fear posts doing rounds today...we are well on course :-)

    lets go for it guys...lets challenge us one more time...

    and hashan...i will be there to give you company on thursday :-) he he...

  11. @tan

    yup bro....bang! sahi jawaab babu moshay :-)

    he he...generating ideas is a part of the job...what an idea! :-)

  12. @princess

    looking forward to humour from you sonshu...and fear everyone is there to help you out...we will turn your weakness into your strength...all the members here will vouch for that :-)

  13. @comfortably numb

    no bro....from today....thnx fr the encouragement...looking forward to see you experiment out here :-)


    GO ON


  15. kya iDEA hai sir jeeee ;) !!

    so i read on tuesday and thursday !! us din mera nahi likhne ka vrat hai !! i will just sit n read :D

  16. very nice concept we will seee different colors of lounge now

  17. would join by the fun from 22nd regularly!
    though I am sure that work that would come out on display at louge would be as favolous as always yet it would surely get into the grip pf monotonicity!
    the spontanity of opening the page these pages after my whole day of study to take breaks and then finding all flavours at one end makes it a peep to vision the life at the end of various members of louge while some are sad and some are happy and most pen down what they feel, its always a mixture of emotions like a rainbow!

    as a member of louge though I commit myself to the theme based format too sir!! :) by the way... my series THURSDAY THEFTS (PLAGIARISM IN HINDI MUSIC) falls in a day meant for louge!! waise Hi very few people follow it and all in fun atmosphere mein ek video based reporting post would battle hard for survival :P :P he he he....

    tc god bless!
    back to books now!! loads to study!!


  18. WOW!! Awesome sandy.. Loved it.. Kewl idea..

  19. good for a change but not too sure though!!

  20. Hmmmm... lets see how it develops to be... hope to see this flourish...

    Mates, its already started... so, join in :)

  21. This is a very good concept...looking forward for it.....


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