May 25, 2009

Crazy Cupid - Monday Masti

Hi All...

Today is Masti Monday and tomorrow is Love Laced Tuesday. So today we decided to marry the two and set the platform for a wonderful tomorrow. Read on to know how :-)

Cupid has gone crazy at our lounge. He is firing arrows in all directions in his inebriated state. No member has been spared here and everyone is running helter skelter. How will you escape this rain of arrows? Simple, by proposing or dumping the person above you, in the most funniest manner you could come up with. You could also make them your great great grandfather or your great great grandmother or anything you could think of just by penning a stupid poetry (just for fun). It could be a crazy stupid poetry or a "C" grade movie dialogue. Use anything to either propose or dump the person right above you in the comments box. Find out innovative ways if you are a gal and it is a gal above you. Go crazy.

P.S: All this is just for fun. No serious takes friends. Enjoy!!!


  1. Okie....weird!!! hehehe! Lets see what people do!

  2. NO Sandeep.... :(

    *washing my hands with my tears.*

    My Grand-father's chaddi dosth's neighbour's son-in-law's brother's daughter-in-law's grand father is Swami 'Sane-o-Baba'.

    I fell to his feet and asked- "What's the route to sanity?"

    He did something similar to a 'leaf' dance and said simply- " Don't deviate your mind from anything my dear bhaktha. Go STRAIGHT."

    Needless to say, that enlightened me... I'm Straight
    P.S - You said it can be stupid. So no throwing curses on me pls. :P

  3. GOD!!

    This is going to be one helluva an exerience!! :P

    Hail Big Brother!! :D

  4. Heheh aarthi..hell of an experience..true!

  5. It will be one helluva an experience only whn u ppl start playing this game.. :P :P

    I've done mine.... Now take it along... :)


  6. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii *Lets out a loud wail*

    Arjunnnnnnnnn!!! nahiiiiiiiii!!!

    *Bells of realisation ring in my head*

    You know Swami really do?? wow!! He is my grandfather's pant dost...we call him panty baba coz of love n gratitude..

    I fell to his feat asking him for his guidance. In his own words, "Learn to be straight-forward Sandeep. Your grandfather is straight-forward. Your father is straight-forward. You are expected to be as straight forward! Therein lies the key"

    Comes back...looks at Arjun in the eye...holds his chin up...and shouts.."I am straight forward bro" :-)

  7. "Teachers are like God" and I want to date a human !! so thanks .. but no thanks Dear Sandeep :)

  8. Uss God ke seene main bhi ek dil dhadakta hain...

    Phir teacher kis kheth ki mooli hain?

    Par lessons in poetry style n lessons in excellence ke fusion se jee ghabraata hain..

    Kabhi kabhi dil bhi dehel jaata hain

    Issiliye bhaari dil se aapko bhej rahe hain..

    Apni talaash jaari luck ;-)

  9. ghur ke bahar ho rahi hai rain,
    usko dekh ke mere head mein hai pain,
    wondering why me taking so much strain,
    lonely hai meri life,
    suddenly sand hai deep,
    mere saltanat ke shehenshaah ban jayiye,
    o' jester sandeep.

    p.s 'stupid' committed suicide reading this.

    p.p.s. but what timing! lol..maan-na padega...

  10. The Pink Orchid,
    Jabse maine tumhe dekha hai,
    My heart goes ting-da-din-tring,
    Tumhare peele baal,
    OOps, I mean, geele bal,
    Tumhari haathi jaisi chaal,
    Main toh tumhari deewani ho gayi hoon!
    Oh Priye!
    Meri Gobi-ki-Phool kumari!
    Hamari ho jao!


    MY GOD!!!! This is lameness ki hadh!
    if ever there is a lame contest at WL, don't bother , just give the title to me. ;)

  11. hehe...u'l have competition from me madam


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