May 25, 2009

Smile Valley High..Love, Relationships and more

Episode 8:

“Hmm….What should I wear” Angela thought to herself. I like the pink mini skirt and the black top….but…no…hmm…yeah this one.” She murmured to herself. Finally she was ready in her blue evening gown. She touched the lipstick one more time. “Aah…a little more.” She said examining. She applied lipstick and then blotted it on a tissue paper.

Tring Trong….the bell sounded. She walked down gracefully and saw Josh at the door in his tuxedo. He looked dashing. She thought to herself. He saw her walking down the stairs. He kept staring at her beautiful face. The butler looked at both of them thoughtfully then walked away.

“You…look…Beautiful” he said struggling for the word.

“Hmm…Thanks…You look good yourself!” she said blushing.

He took hold of her hand and led her down the porch towards the road. A cab was waiting by for them. He opened the door and she got in. He got in and sat next to her.
They reached the restaurant in no time. He had already reserved a table.

So they sat down outside in the darkness. Only lighted by candles.

“I love candle light dinners” she told him.

“Oh that’s lovely…even I do!” he said.

They placed the order and just looked around. No one spoke.

“Um..” Josh began breaking the silence. “Did you tell your parents?” he questioned.

“ Oh no! I mean I told them I was going out. They don’t really care as long as I am back hoe by 10” she said ignorantly.

“Oh….thats weird…I parents want me home by 8” he said.

“ Oh..” she mumbled. Then the food came. They ate silently staring at each other. No noise except that of the forks and spoons. The dinner got over than they expected and they hadn’t spoken much.

He paid the bill and they left. He was about to open the cab door.

“Stop” she said hurriedly.

“What--?” he asked confused.

“ you mind we walk it….the weather is lovely.” She asked.

“ Oh I’d love to…” he said happily.

They walked home talking softly. No one could hear them. Not even the moon or birds. At least that’s what they thought….
Next morning.

“Stella stop! I need to explain” Justin rushed behind her.

‘Justin please I don’t want to hear anything. There is no need of explanation.”

She said walking angrily.

“Please…” he said.

“Justin its over…I thought we could be friends but I guess I was wrong ok.” She screamed.

“Stella…” he mumbled looking at her go away. He was helpless. "I will not let it at that Stella, i never give up." he said to himself


  1. sonshu dear....loved the flow...the way you have written teh dialogues...the emotions...all at this age of 13..phew!! impressed...impressed....big time!!


  2. love for one .. and fights towards love for other couple !! nice :)

  3. @Sandeep: Aaww..thanks!


  4. it is so impressive Sonshu! :D
    I love smile valley high, I just keep waiting for every post :D

  5. I really like SVH! I have now read every episode. Looking forward to more!


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