May 25, 2009

Monday Masti

Code Lounge Code!

Time to exercise those brains and flex those muscles. Time to take out your pen and paper and solve the code. Time to grab the title of "The Riddle Master @ Writers Lounge". Time to show others what you are made of.

The Hunt for success, the hunt for a big name. The hunt here is for fame. Inquisitive you may be and a curiosity might prevail. But you still have to figure out the clues to stake your claim.

A check of your wits and a question mark on your patience. Code WL Code!

Q) Name the singer?


The comments section is all yours to discuss, thrash it out and decode. Remember, the first one to explain the logic along with the answer wins this one! He/She will be declared the "Riddle Master" of our Lounge.


  1. ha ha bhargav..

    look into the depths...look into the depths...

    the title of "The Smartest One" at WL needs to be a lil twisted one...right?

    Look at teh question...look at the clue...repeat...and aila...therein lies the answer :-)

    you will have to crack the code to come near the answer i.e. the name of the singer friend...

    Decode the code :-)

  2. golu, mujhse koi ummeed mut rakhna... ismein dimaag chahiye. and me? lol... i'll wait to know the answer.. :P

  3. o bhondu ke bacche...pen aur paper nikaal n start decoding o great BBA :-)

    you can do it...bhondupan hi chaahiye isse decode karne ko...tere baaye haath ki choti ungli ka khel hain yeh :-)

  4. kisi angraz singer ka naam hoga na agar 'matrix' clue hai to..

    main to sirf 'rafi babu, kishore da, aur lata didi' ke geet sunti hoon.. :P

  5. one name = 65 characters !! kaun hai yeh bhai??

  6. have almost cracked it...look at the clue...and let the realisation dawn on you :-)

  7. @pink sambhar

    angrez singer ke bacche...matrix....matrix... :-)

  8. Even i await the answer and logic behind the quiz !! :) good luck to rest .

  9. The code says:
    I would walk to the edge of the universe for you
    Paint you a crimson sunset over

    The singer is Celine Dion.

    Just solve the 8x8 matrix formed by the 64 chracters.

    hehehe...waiting for my Tajpeshi, Sandeep :P

  10. Congratulations, Rose! :)

    Awesome work! I was upto speed upto da matrix den I gues my patience ran out! Kewllll!

    Congrats once again!

  11. Thank you Thank you..:D

    muje hats nai chaie :P:P


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