May 14, 2009

After the call

Continued from Kajal's post Some Unanswered Questions

Why the hell did she call? All his efforts in keeping away from the matter failed! She wanted the letter; she has it. What else she wants? Is this not enough for her? They are sure there is no love. Why did it turn up this way when there is nothing in that – not anymore.


  1. if there was nothing why was the letter written then? it was a 'love letter' i am sure..

    your take did give it an interesting turn though.. lets see what happens next..

  2. The letter was written - well before the feelings develop and once they became brothers and sisters, there were no space for the letter to be in there...

    If this is true, then why didnt he destroy the letter??

    Well, he could not destroy the letter, as the lover in him, though dormant, did not allow him to do so...

  3. some deep thought Tan.. me liked it.. understandable valid.. painful..but yeah could be true..

  4. i thought the story was over....
    still the guy has his side of the story...keep the replies comin..

    pretty good explanation by the way..."the lover in him, though dormant, did not allow him to do so..."

  5. interesting take Tan !! this is going good :)

  6. You asked for it, Kajal and thats why I gave that explaination... it has got not much to do with the story though... ;)


  7. Arun, you got my words! You know, probably these are the most important words in my life, because a few of the top decisions that I took are based on these words... trust me - they are :)

  8. Hmmm... Pratibha... waiting for your take on this now.. c'mon... continue...

  9. Tan seems like this is coming from the heart... liking it very much..


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