May 15, 2009

Love and Death...

I watch her walk,
I watch her run.
I watch her laugh,
I watch her cry.

I'm not a stalker,
Yet I'm stalking her.
She was supposed to be in my world,
long ago, But I cant take her.

I do love her,
I know she cant be mine,
neither in her world nor in mine,
So, why not let her live,in her world

She can love here,
blossom here.
For me, I'll stalk her
watch her...

I'm death,
the evil you fear,
the last enemy you should fight,
But I lost--lost to LOVE!

Till the next time,

P.S. I was trying to be with the flavour of the lounge today, but failed. ended up with mush!!
Another lame attempt! Sorry guys:(
Thanks Rashi for previewing it and making the required changes:)
Thanks Arun, for bearing with me, sorry if it hurt you--personifying death as a male:P


  1. u know ... it makes more sense wdt the mention of vamps n all ... i mean anythign can be stalker for a being ... fear, death, people ... the lines are perfect for that spooky feeling !!

  2. You neednt thank me darling.. As I told you I loved it and especially the ending.There is nothing that love cant defeat

  3. is 'good' mush...loved it it now..(no jhuta now..)
    hey...U didn't hurt me at all...i was jus kidding...

  4. @prats
    The basic idea was to show death falling in love...its not jut about stalker...thanks:)
    honoured u liked it:)

  5. @arun
    thanks dude!
    bt the mention was necessary...hoping to see someone comin' with the idea of personifyin' death as a female:D


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