May 14, 2009

Death is me!

Oooh I love vampires.. Her side of this story

I went to the club as I do very so often. I saw him. I knew as soon as I laid my eyes on him that I had to have him.

I saw him looking at him. I knew it would just take one look at my alabaster skin for me to have him. But sometimes, well always, the chase is the fun part. It is much better than the catch. 

I let him follow me that day. It was fun to let him think he was incharge. One leap and i was gone. I saw him from high up - a balcony. Confusion in his eyes. I smile. He was mine.

The next day, I saw him enter the club. Eyes searching. Hope crushed. I let his heart break a week longer. It was very amusing to see him long and pine. Kinda like letting the meat marinate. 

Then, finally it was the day to reveal myself. I stole into his room and took his diary. Read each entry about me. I bite my lips in anticipation. I know what is going to happen next. I take a deep breath and sneak away. He doesnt even stir. Sitting on his window, I glance at him once and slowly whisper, "You are mine."

That night, I go back to the club. I know he would be waiting there for me. He was. Again, I let him follow me. I didnt disappear around that curve today. Then that alley. He came close to me. I could sense his hearbeat racing. I calmed myself down. It wasnt the time to lose my nerve. He came closer. I turned around. Surprise flickered in his eyes. Yet he came closer. I smiled. I liked the smell of his skin. He came closer. I laughed. And whispered into his ears, "I'm thirsty."
His eyes now wide with surprise...

The hunter then became the huntee! I pray for the prey! RIP!


  1. wow..chilling reply...loved that alley scene...jus like in my mind...

  2. wonderful so so beautiful.. a little goosebumpish I got reading this one..perfect reply i'd say..

  3. fabulous reply:)
    loved it...simply:)

  4. the scene from the window was perfect .. could almost visualise it !!

  5. amazing man....ur good in all genre lady....great going :D

  6. Chat Par kaala bat betha,
    Khoon khoon karte rehta,
    Sab se kehta aate jaate,
    Jooth Bole, Batva kaate,
    Jooth Bole, batva kaate :P

    Ek dum love angel given to bhookh and pyaas !!

    Neck gripping story :P



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