May 16, 2009

The Red Sandals!

I tried to write according to the theme...:)

Coversation between two 6-yrs old.

"Look I got new pair of sandal"
" hate it..I love blue."
The girl ran to her home and returns with a blue paint bottle and brush. She paints one sandla blue and gives it to the other girl.
"What?Why? Now none of us can wear it! Its useless."
"No problems!You keep it safe with you. Just to remind you that we are useless without each other"

Till the next time,

P.S. I bought new pair of red sandals for me and my best friend last week, for she painted her new red sandals blue once, only beacuse I hated them!
This happened years ago, but it brings a smile on my face whenever I see a li'l red sandal with few blue brush strokes on it:)


  1. chweet n cute.... :)
    more sweet as your friend did that in real life...never let go of her.

    I also wanted to write somethin today...couldn't find a theme... :(

  2. OMG !!! Choooooooo cuteeee..
    Really its lovely.. Very sweet..

  3. Have been thinkin about this...many posts written outta real life n labelled as 55 fiction....
    Aint that 55 fact-ion or 55 reality...technically...?? :-)

  4. awwe rose! so beautiful!! we little girls :) and our friends :) :)

    ps. the writer considers herself young as well!

  5. shooooo cute !!! once my frnds bot identical pairs by mistake.. n den both went n returned fr other's sake wdt telling ...

  6. aww....that's cho chweet...bless you glad am ur friend

  7. @arun
    yeah thanks:)
    i ll nvr let her go, tho she's complainin' already that i spend less time with her now!!
    M fictions are always inspired from real technically fact-ion 55 is correct:D

  8. @asbah
    n you know what...writing about the "li'l us" actually takes us back into the we actually become the "young li'l writers"..nai??

  9. @prats
    n that was funny...but you see.."anything for friends "..:D

  10. @Freelancer
    M glad too:)

  11. one of the cutest posts i've ever read.. :D

  12. What a lovely gesture... And the last line is a winner!!!


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