April 30, 2009


Rockstars sing along
Soothe our souls, to them we all belong
Lovers celebrate the magic of love
Create an elation, the rest despise
Lonely ones find a respite
Fulfill their empty spaces, alone despite
Oldies hold on strong
To their traditional forts
Children let everything pass by
Playing on sails ever colourful

Dos and don't for life, they all roll out
So many should-bes for life, all sold out
Drain in them sometimes, 
Forgetting all the time
That which is now,
Is the journey
That which we make tomorrow 
Is still the journey
That which passed by yesterday
Was also the journey

A travel for lifetime
The journey we all, candidly call life. 


  1. Beautiful...Vinisha!!!!!

    A wonderfully described journey!!!! Luvd it! :)

  2. beautiful and inspiring..!!!

    thanks for writing..!!!

  3. so true.. its all a journey that we call life.. :P

  4. beautiful beautiful.

    how we take life differently in different ages na, being kids, tweens, grownups, and finally as oldies!

    the do and don'ts of yours reminded me of a poem i wrote once, i will share someday :)

  5. Thank you all.

    @ A, will be glad to read that one. :)


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