April 25, 2009


life is too short to spend time in grief for the opportunities that you miss, for the goals that you fail to score, for the sixes that you miss hitting at the right moment. This is a bigger game than what you think it to be.

Have you ever seen a football match, the striker while running with the ball towards the goal post is simultaneously concentrating on his ball possession, the defenders approaching him or running with him and has one eye on where the goalkeeper is placed, he has to finish the ball in the back of the net and hence he too has to keep in mind the directions in accordance with the corners of the goal post. He runs and sweats, he kicks the ball with utmost accuracy that he can but not always he scores a goal, at times he gets the shot saved by goalkeeper and many times he misses the goal totally with a poor direction kick! This is it! Shot is missed! What happens next? He stops! NO! He makes a “what the hell!” expression on his face, then watches the ball again and runs back towards the center of field with even greater effort. Back to the wait for the same run again. Again waiting for his next shot!

This is how life is! The winners always focus on the very next opportunity coming their ways while losers spend ages talking about where they missed it! Regretting and crying! I just want to ask how worth is it? I mean you scored a zero in a cricket innings, there is always a next match! You fail in an examination, then too you will give some other one, some other time, the game is not over, you still have your next shot awaiting. It is how you approach towards your next shot that makes a difference.

One can say that i am foolishly optimistic but i guess somewhere down the line Japanese too would have thought that way after the atomic bomb blasts to make a tremendous comeback. One can never be a loser or a winner in eternity, winning is nothing but actually the habit of staying focused at every next shot of yours, and losing is mostly missing the first shot and then due to its sadness, missing the remaining ones that follow.

Patience is the name of the game! If its summers, winters are not behind. After every day there is a night. You missed your train, some other will follow. You dropped a catch, there will be another one in the air soon. You forgot to do something, do it punctually the next time. All winners learn from their own mistakes, they always make the next shot right even if they miss the previous one! They very well know that after you think everything is over, tomorrow is yet to come! Hit the bull's eye this time! This is your shot!


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