April 25, 2009

2 Point Someone!! 10 - ( Back with a Bang!!)

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to all WL members for supporting us throughout.
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"May I come in Sir," Ashrita entered the class with the help of a walking stick.
"Omg!!Ashh!!you are here," Everyone looked at her and were delighted to see her back in their class.
"Ashrita beta, aap itne din kahaa the," Tan sir asked with some curiosity.

"Nahi , guruji, dharasal hum apne yahaa ke gutter mein gir gaye the aur hamara pair thoodh gaya"Ashrita grimaced.
"Some one help her please," hindi Professor Tan asked his favourite student Chirag to help Ashrita.
Tan sir as usual was teaching Hindi grammar to the class.Ste and RJ were listening to Radiomirchi.Chirag was jotting down important points on his Sundaram notebook.Anurag was sketching nice mermaids and disney cartoon characters on his notebook.Akansha,Aarthi,Nan and Asbah were playing antakshari.

"Aa se gaaa.....Artz," Akansha whispered on Aarthi's ears.
Aarthi thought for a while and sang"Agar mein kahuun...."
Prats was busy preparing notes for Riversouls Sir. Kajal,the poetry girl was writing poems for her Pink Orchid blog.
Everyone was doing their own work and Chirag was the only one attentive in class.
"Achha,Sangya ke prakar batao( tell me the different types of Nouns)," Tan sir asked RJ.
And of a sudden everyone stopped their work and they looked at RJ.
"Saar,...." RJ didn't knew the answer.
RJ looked at Chirag,but Chirag was looking at his books.He soon gave him a threatening look.
"Chirag ke bachhe tell me what are different types of Sangya?" RJ 's eyes turned red.
"RJ bhaii,naaraz mat ho .. i will tell you," Chirag told him the answer.
"Vyakti vachak sangya (Proper Noun) ,Jati vachak sangya (Common Noun),Bhav vachak sangya (Abstract Noun),Samudaay vachak sangya (Collective Noun) and Dravya vachak sangya (Material Noun)," Chirag uttered slowly.
" Good, now explain me everything you told now," Tan sir was confident that RJ knew everything.
"Sir,I just know the names,I will learn from Chirag ," RJ winked.
"Abhey" Ste muttered.
And the bell rang.
"Thank you sir," the class bid bye to Tan sir.
Priyanka entered the class as soon as she saw Tan sir leaving the corridors.
"Prii,where were you?"Ste and RJ asked her in unison.
"Guys ,I am the co ordinator for Sandeep sirs acting school," She said and distributed the pamphlets to the entire class.
"Heard that Sandeep sir is now in SouthAfrica cheering for Mumbai Indians,is it true?" Ste asked Priyanka.
"Yes.no..yes...I mean no" Priyanka mumbled.
"Uh Huh!" RJ grimaced.
"I mean he is in South Africa,but cheering for Delhi Daredevils and not Mumbai Indians,"she grinned.
"Oh ho!! a Mallu cheering for Delhi,thats the spirit man,"Ste smiled at RJ.
"Good morning Madam..." the entire class wished their new professor.
"By the way,I'm your Chemistry teacher and I'm Nabila and you guys can call me Nabs,"the new professor said.
"Hey Nabs,how are you?," Ashrita winked at her new chemistry teacher.
"I'm good dear,between I'm happy that you called me Nabs,"the teacher smiled.
Meanwhile a tall slim girl with a water bottle on her hand entered the class.
"May I come in madam, " she said.
" Yes dear,come in," the teacher smiled.
She introduced herself as Vasudha ."You can call me BlossomBlue if you want"she added.
"What a nick,sirjee!" Ste and RJ smiled at Vasudha.
She had 3 golden teeth just liked Riversouls sir who had 7.Everyone believed that she was Riversouls sirs daughter.
"By the way,I'm Riversouls sirs niece," she nictated her eyes.
"I wondered so,the girl with 3 gold teeth," RJ laughed.
"Friends ,since this is our first lecture I would like to know you guys,"Professor Nabila said.
Every one introduced themselves.
"Kajal Singh here,"Kajal said and "Pink Orchiddddddddddd....," everyone started screaming.
"Ashrita,the satans very own darling here," Ashrita introduced herself.
"Ste,here,"Ste said and "WL Jokerr !!!" everyone screamed.
Even RJ was screaming."Huh"Ste sat down.
"Arjun aka RJ here,the dream boy of this class,"RJ tried to impress Nabila madam.
"Since this is our first lecture,tell me what can we do?,"Professor Nabila asked the class.
"Mam ,lets write a Fib poem," Kajal said.
"No, lets revise Hindi grammar taught by Tan sir" Chirag removed his hindi note book.
"Chup kar be," everyone scolded him.
"Mam,lets go for a movie,"RJ and Ste said .
"Wow!!and what if our Princi Sandeep Balan gets hold of us,"the teached smiled.
"Mam,he is in South Africa dancing with the cheerleaders for Delhi Daredevils,"RJ said.
"What about the movie tickets?,"the professor was confused.
"No worries,Nik and Gaurav will take care of it ,"Ste told.
"Fine and yes are Nik and Gaurav from our class,"the teacher asked Ste.
"Yes," he said and the entire class left for Cinemax movie theatre where Nik and Gaurav were waiting for them with the tickets.
( To be Continued...)

The Writers of 2POINT SOMEONE would like to thank Writers Lounge for providing them the"Excellence Award" in "Youth Centric story" category


  1. Back with a boom sirjee!!! =))

    Hehe...Blossomblue... yeh kahan se aaya?

    Sandeep Sir SAfrica mein and ham sab yahan par... badi nainsaafi hai!

    And btw if you're running in real time, then Stephan ji... multiplexes mein movies release nahi ho rahi hain :P

  2. hahah aks

    didnt knew abt it...but nxt part mein u will get to knw it :D

  3. "Agar main kahuuu..."

    Lol...thankq Ste...!! :D

    Mast tha...back with a bang for sure!! :D

    Keep them coming... :)

    P.S.: Arjun, write the next one fast!



  4. awsome ste...yes back with a bang that is...aww i dint knw ashrita ka pair toot gaya :(
    n tan sir itna bore karte hain...loved each and evy charcter...welcome nabs...

  5. haha.. It was nice bro...
    liked the beginning ....

    The scene where everyone r doing their own things while prof Tan was teaching.. hehe


  6. vah yaar gajab likhi
    itane sangya k prakar to mujhe kabhi pata hi nahi the

  7. kewllll.....finally I make an entry....luv to c wer dis goes! :)

  8. haha whatta teacher nabila :S

  9. :) hey great one....cool teacher ..must say ;)

    nick-namifying bloggers err students :D :D

  10. macha wat a wonderful role u have given me da.. Loved it.. Soooo damn gud.. Story is gud as wel.
    3 golden teeth.. LMAO !!!!
    Slim, Soooooo true.. Tall?? I doubt it..
    Over all very nice da.. :)

  11. i forgot to add
    romba nalla erukku :)

  12. wow....what do i say...tum logo ne to mujhe sidha uta ke chemistry prof hi bana diya :O ....:P ..and bechari Ash ka pair bhi toot gaya :(
    Neways the story was cool...will wait for the next part impatiently :D

  13. "dharasal hum apne yahaa ke gutter mein gir gaye " hahaha...can't stop laughing >>LMAO...back with abang :)
    waiting for the next one :D

  14. vasudha

    hey machhii....lol

    am glad u loved it ,....more to come...:D

  15. nabila....ash fell into a gutter hahaha :D and broke her leg

    and hey ur our new chemistry teacher

  16. thanks kajal

    coming from u is a big honour



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