April 25, 2009

Conquering Fear!

The Birds gave sounds to their first chirps and with it the cold breeze blew giving a warm soothing feeling.

And here was the rising of the first rays of the sun. The sun gave wings to the lights to welcome a full born morning.

As the first rays of the sun entered the windows of the room, the beauty was as its magnificent spell and with it the alarm clock went “Triiiiiiiiingg” and there went her hand on it. It was just 6 am and she said to herself …. “o man I can still sleep…..”

It was one of the most important mornings of her life. It was the beginning of a new era and a day to conquer all her obstacles. Apart from the new aura of her new life what was most important was the importance of the conquering the hidden. The hidden fear which she hasn’t been able to conquer all these years. It was her first all importance presentation.

Presentations shouldn’t be a big deal for a girl like her. But then still was big for her. This wasn’t really her first presentation as she did give some back in school and college and yet it was her first. She wasn’t always the first to give ever…..she somehow had this strange stage fright of the public which prevented her from taking the lead even though she was the best. And being the centre of attention just gives her the worse goose bumps and raises her anxiety levels to the highest possible limits. So every presentation was really her first.

And this presentation was no different. She was the best still even as a manager. The whole project was hers. She knew everything about it and she was so sure about the ideas. The only thing between her and the contract was the presentation to convince her foreign delegates. And that was the worst for her. She still didn’t know how to bring that anxiety level down.

So in this all important morning, her dreamland wanted her to sleep another hour and before she realized it was already 8 am.

“Gosh how will I revise…I m so dead” ….she got up all frizzled up and rushed to her bathroom.

She was already feeling so late and before she knew there was this another fear waiting to be conquered by her….The ooo so beautiful LIZARD

Gosh what a great start…… “Maaaaaaaama”…..was all she could shout…….

And there she realizes that it’s too early for her family to be awake…..

Gosh am I to fizzle with her alone…“NOOO” shouted she again.

So she got hold of a long stick and a battle like fight with that ugly lizard ensued.

And then after 20 minutes…the stupid lizard finally had her way and moved out of her lovely bathroom ….

“Sigh!”, was all she could have had at the moment.

So after wasting so much time …she managed to find time and get ready fast speed and rush of!

Luckily…due to a clear traffic she did managed reaching before time…….and sat there all tensed and bewildered……she got hold of her notes and went through and people started pouring

And before she knew it was the all important time.


She was sweating in and out. She was all prepared but not ready.

There was like 200 people sitting all around she had to face and she had no idea how.

“Gosh I m going to fail…..the contract is gone …..my job is lost……” These were the thoughts revolving in her mind

Before she could be more lost…she decided no I can’t fail and took a deep breath……She has to handle it someday ……she can’t be a failure any more in life

And before she knew her M.D. called for her to give forth the presentation.

She went there….adjusted her laptop….her slides were all prim and proper

And then the moment came….to face her audience……she looked up and revolved her eyes all around…..

“ Gosh how will I do this”, wondered a tensed she.

And then her M.D. called … “Start”

She was feeling so dead …..She took a sip of water again…..

And ….suddenly what came of her and she closed her eyes once before she started….

And………"Just remember one thing forever….You are the Best”…He had told her this one thing some years ago. He wasn’t part of her any longer but still he was part of his soul…..and that soul was still her strength!

And before she knew she opened her eyes and there she begins.........

And rest is history……

The presentation was the best in the history of her company.

They not only got the contract but some great offers for her in store.

She got the incentives and the promotions but what she got the best was a winner …a winner in conquering her age old fear!

This was the best day she could have asked and she came back home all jumping……

But there still remained something to conquer...
So there was a new guest in her room now………..her bathroom lizard

But now she was no more afraid…..she pulled it by its tail and there it was thrown out of the house

She had conquered all her fears and she was the True Winner

Fear is what is a part of us
Fear is what is within us

Fear is unknown

Yet is very much own

Fear brings us down
Fear threaten us down
And fear is the mental block
Conquering this block is ultimate
It raises and elevates us to the highest
And there comes out the real Winner!

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  1. aonderful wonderful message !! liked it a lot :)

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  3. Hey nabz its a gud one dear..
    The way u have presented the message is too gud.. I luved it..

  4. it had a very strong message.. I had done a post on similar lines a few weeks ago.. ofcourse this one reminded me of that and made me feel proud of the fact that I have overcome some of my fears..! god bless! :)


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