April 10, 2009

The Virtual Reality

The picture haunts, the laughter dies
Her smile just there, now crosses miles
Her sparkling eyes, now sparkle more
Pearls drop, they scatter, his laughter roars
Reflexes strong, she battles her foe
A lost war, her instincts show
Yet she tries, yet she fights
Bruised, torn by the mighty blow
Blinded, confused she gropes for her pride
She would no longer become her fiancĂ©’s bride
Her future bleak
Her strength weak, rationality playing hide and seek
Fear, anguish haunt her mind
In life, no solace she can find
She dares to lose, one more time, this time however with a smile
Her soul from body does depart
While her soul in heaven gets caught, her mutilated body is left to rot….


  1. What to say about you.. every body admiring you already. You done a very good job. in my short stay on you blog i found many good stuff. keep it up the good work. and enjoying.

  2. Strong words, Shweta! Luvd it, the flow and the intense emotional feel that u lend to dis one is amazing!
    Everything was perfect about this one! :)

  3. Emotional stuff coming from you is not at all a surprize.. and especially for me.

    But "intelligent emotional" stuff.... least expected... ;P jus kidding....

    "Beautiful" is what i would just say about this one. I know now why this is one of ur best poems kid....
    Keep writing...! god bless....

  4. @farrukh

    i am flattered...and dunno how many are admiring me :P but thanks a lot for d appreciation

  5. @mav

    actually many said dey couldnt get vat i was trying to say thru dis poem...so ur comment actually relieves me...n yes i wanted dis one to b really gud...so thaks a lot...i am glad u liked...

  6. @nik

    ahaa so intelligent emotional stuff not expected out of me...u knw i can manage to surprise u there...as for dis bng one of my best...yes cuz i consider it...i dnt think i put so much of emotion into any of poems till now...thanks alot svthrt...

  7. painful!! beautifully put..:)

  8. aaila, the lounge is becoming poetry palace...
    strongly worded poem, loved it! :)

    painfully beutiful! :)


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