April 10, 2009


Pre-Script: Its been a long while since I wrote a prose sumthng...So am open for 
everything...criticism, comments, suggestions...everything...... :)

          Bathed in semi-darkness, my room resembles a dim lit cave, the kind you find hidden in the crevices of the mountains. The Sun, in its most obstinate form trying to light up the innards, as if to discover the hidden secrets or uncover long lost mysteries, unsuccesful neverthless. A morose luminiscence spread across the corners making everything glow in a sad way. Even me! Sitting at the window, with a faint breeze playing across my face, as I gaze out at life. Life which finds its way, flows, literally, threading through the innumerable obstacles cluttering its path. It still flows; incessant. I gaze up at the skies,a mesmerizing canvas, imbued with every colour that could possibly exist in a painter's dream. I try to find answers there, to questions that wreak havoc in my mind, to questions that have existed long, almost chronic in their form; to questions which are just taking shape, in their early stages of birth; and to questions that I know don't exist yet. My search for answers has failed on numerous occasions, when I tried to find them inside me, when I tried asking questions to my soul, my heart. They turned away, as if I was a pesky stranger, ignoring me, my earnest pleas!
 Unknowingly, my gaze sweeps across to you, sitting across the room, calm, serene in your existence. There is an almost pleading look about your persona, that begs me to share my qualms with you. I take you in my arms, and time ceases, as if every particle in that summer scented breeze has frozen, by magic! Yes, magic it is! My hands move across your body, eyes closed, as if I am acquainted with you, your soul, a bond transcending time and space. As if you were mine, meant to be mine, forever. My fingers caress your neck, smooth like silk. Every movement of mine brings about a sigh from you, a heartfelt one; the kind when you know that its only meant for you. That you alone can elicit these feelings in her. I touch your body, and a warmth spread through my essence, as you understand every unspoken word, every worry of mine. Ahhh, the kind of peace that brings, the joy, that someone does understand you, that someone does really care for you, wants to be with you, holding your hand, as you nurse those unhealed wounds. Every sound that you emit is enchanting, moving my soul into a state of blissful rapture. 
 Yes, this is what it feels like. This is love. Where souls understand the 
unspoken languages, where one glance, a simple touch conveys far more than any word. In this divine instant I know you are mine. That you wouldn't leave me, as everyone else had; indifferent to my pleas, to my suffering. Thinking I was making up excuses, practising self-pity to be the center of attraction. For only I know, the hurt that dwells inside me. And now you do too. I make a solemn vow, to you, to myself; to never leave you. Love you, as much as you do, more than that! Unadulterated, pure, unremitting, infinite! Because for me you are everything, that everyone else is not. For me, you are the world. You were, are, and always will be my first and everlasting love. 

 PS: Someone once asked me to write about my first love, my guitar! At that time I laughed it off, but today I find her (yes, her..I treat her as a lady) to be the most faithful friend and soulmate that there ever can be. This one is a dedication to my guitar, my life! :)


  1. its your love? You words reveals this secret that its your love.. it much better to fallen love with non-livings then living ones.. as they never understands thought they say they do..

  2. Thanx fr readin it, Insiya! Bt I dunno wen humans fail u, inanimate objects seem to do da job fr u! becoz dey r wid u, unless u leave dem or destroy dem, dey bestow u wid unconditional nd undivided attention! nd most of all dey dont break ur heart! :)

  3. Mav, i saw so much of you in each and every word that is. your lady love is never gonna hurt you! she'll take away all the pain strumming her way through..


  4. a few lines, and one will know maverick is at work here !! we all have our love attached to materialistic objects !! some thing to keep our company all time :) this was well written !!

  5. Thanx Kajal! I dunno if she will take da pain away bt she sure knows how to make me forget for the moment! :)

  6. Beautiful! I love the metaphors you have used to describe the sensations!


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