April 10, 2009

And the nostalgia sets in!

This one goes for a former friend, who somehow,din't make it to my present and would never be allowed to pry into my future. This one's for you, Smriti!

Sieving your face in the crowd,
I seem loosing control
over my senses,
and the nostalgia sets in!
Moments of those celebrated times,
take control of my mind,
rekindling the ashes of
the leftover love and hatred.
Life seems witty,
throwing one of its
filthy challenges at me.
It shatters my heart to
accept your hatred coated abuses,
killing me over and over again,
with intensifying anger and pain.
May be, in a corner of my heart,
I still long for
mutual love and peace,
nurturing dwindling hopes of,
reliving those unforgettable times,
when time had almost
lost count and become one with us.
May be I still wish to
bury the mutual differences
and move one step ahead,
call out for you,
with a clear heart,
and open arms,
and embrace you in a tight hug.
May be ,its just a dream,
that might never come true,
leaving behind a trail of,
wounded memories and unfulfilled desires,
leaving me in the lurch,
the mercy of dwindling hopes,
till the time,
I again sieve your face in the crowd,
loose control over my senses,
and let the Nostalgia set in!


  1. That was a good read. Liked the tone and the free flow. I hope you find some solace in the arms of such nostalgic moments.

    Liked it again. Thanks for sharing !!!!

  2. this is so sweet of you, you know, to have wished this.

    but sometimes, its just right to move on!

  3. wow i loved it .....made me remember my best frnd in college...who alas isnt in my present and so cant be in my future
    and its true as asbah said.....sometimes moving on is only option as heart is like a mirror once broken the scratches remain forever

    neways nice read and beautiful poem...keep writing :-)

  4. gr8 one mohita...i wnt say i have gone thru it...but yes it hapens...the pain of loosing a friend is bad...n its gr8 to c dat u still wish at times..but den if its gone den it has...mayb no one else can take dat place but some1 else might mend it too

  5. i hope she is back.. but even if she isnt coming back.. i can see a golden heart shining inside of you.. you are a beautiful woman and the poem just proved it..:)

  6. Well somehow all of us can relate to this.. Loosing someone who was very close to you is indeed very painful..
    And yes, this feeling of fixing everything up does get very strong sumtyms but then..Some tyms its better to move on..

    Keep smiling...:)


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