April 28, 2009

Time to Rhyme Tuesday! - Sandeep and Asbah

For the new members in the family who do not know what is Time to Rhyme Tuesday please read this.
Sincere apologies for the delay. I (Pink Orchid) was having my final semester exams but from now on we promise we won't miss out on any tuesdays. :)
So here we have our poetic dedications this tuesday for:
Sandeep (the guru) and Asbah (the angel)


The guru of the lounge
One who everyone admires
The mentor, the guide,
Giving smiles everyone desires

If you are down and under,
He'd be a friendly thunder.
A magician in disguise,
A gem, he's our pride!


A girl like her is rare,
Other chicks might at her glare,
with envy 'coz she is 'perfect',
without any sort of suspect!

She is indeed a great friend
A talent hub, an angel afar
Yet she can never be forgotten
in life, she is a treasured star

With lots of Smiles & Sugar Candies

Vinu & Kajal


  1. How sweet is that!

    To both Sandeep and Asbah: Godbless u!

  2. i was about to ask Leo abt it !!! too sweet :) keep up !!

  3. A girl like her is rare,
    Other chicks might at her glare,
    with envy 'coz she is 'perfect',
    without any sort of suspect!

    who write these lines for asbah......????

    its good ,but cud be better........

  4. Wow...worthy dedications to the founders....gud wrk....Keep it up! :)

  5. @pratsie,
    ask me what? :O
    thanks! :)

  6. @stephen,
    one of us wrote it! :)

  7. well, i dont think thanks can present my feelings well!!

    *sniff* how i love you guys.
    you just make me feel so special :P

    but too exaggerated no? lol

  8. wow...sweet dediaction..!!!

    the first tuesday dedication i read...adn i tell you....you siblings rock...!!!

    nice write up..bith of them whom this post is dedicated to must be wonderful people...i dont know them well but i think they are nice hearted...!!!!

    nice write up vinay and Kajal.!!!

  9. @asbah,
    sniff?? caught a cold dearie? :)
    v make u feel like that for one simple reason! u ARE special :)

  10. @yami,
    thank u! :) glad u feel we rock!
    urs will come soon too! :)

  11. *sob sob sob*

    words desert me for once :-)

    but hey....am a normal human being...dont make me a guru daa...homo sapien is fine :-)

    too good...*humbled* *honoured*


  12. i dont agree to the guru bit....but smiles....yes...i guarantee a lifetime of them....will make sure that there is not a single frown here :-)


  13. @all: thank you so much for being so kind!!

    @Asbah: you ARE special.. and we can't say it enough!

    @Sandeep: shishya hi guru banata hai.. jab shishya hai tu guru banne mein mein tumhaara kya jata hai!! waah waah waah! :P thanks for being what you are :D

  14. Lovely poems for Asbi n sandeep :) Nice work !!

  15. loved both the poem
    well done
    kajal and vinay


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