April 7, 2009

Time to Rhyme Tuesday! - Stephen and Rashi

Leo and The Pink Orchid are here with a humble series where this brother-sister duo would be writing poetic dedications for the family members @ Writers' Lounge every Tuesday. It is our way of saying that each one of you here are really special to us!


A Tamil Dude,
With a loving heart,
A genuine friend,
there for us in the dark.

Someone so versatile,
we can vouch for that,
Who writes so well,
At the drop of a hat!



An epitome of creativity,
And a heart of gold,
A sweet soul and
An intellect so bold.

Treasury of brilliance
A dear baby to love
Sweetheart for sure
An angel sent from above
P.S. The posting got delayed by a day and I, Kajal aka The Pink Orchid own it up as I was held up with some things. But I really didn't want to hold it till next tuesday. :)
With lots of Smiles & Sugar Candies
Vinu & Kajal


  1. wowwwww!! short of words!! that was so awesome...amazing...and a welcome change from the "invented in mallu land...made famous by some balan guy" brand of mad poetry...he he....Two lines of mine for ste...changing the last two of yours...

    *Who cries so well,
    At the drop of a hat!*

    ha ha ha...Rashi...R V? V R!! :-) :-)

    Amazing vinu n chotu appu....too good! too good! *pat on the back*

    *group hug*

  2. wow fr idea !!
    double wow for this post !!
    Kudos :)

  3. Nothing strange & awesome. Let there b some sense and vision or imagination when u put down something. Dont write 4 the sake of it. I have seen better posts, try 2 maintain some standard. Let us all love 2 read some good, sad, funny & real life posts. Clever mixing of words do not mean good poetry. here must be something in it. Hope u understand and take it honourably.

  4. Awesome... that was two good effort ... ;)

    leo and pinks... very interesting insight and motivating..... keep it coming


  5. Wow! I'm so damn touched! I love you kaju and Leo! :D

    This is what I need to make me feel nice on a crappy day..

    I just cant say enough! :D


  6. @all: we are so glad you liked the thought ..

    @Jayaram: we understand that.. but this one was meant for friends and was written with emotions.. we concentrated more on the dedication that the depth of poetry.. i hope the ones for whom the dedication was understand this.. but none the less we appreciate your frank opinion.. :)

    @Rash: we love you girl and we just cant say it enough..:)

  7. hey guys...thanks a lot

    reading this brought a smile on my face...thanks a lot....

    love both of u

    *a group hug*

  8. I know it was meant t please ur friends. But where is the so called emotions. Can't see any depth or anything kind of dedication u spoke of. When u write poetery, pls. justify.
    Take it positively.
    u can also visit my blog www.parkside-glendale.blogspot.com

  9. @stephen,

    was our pleasure bro.

    @vitruvian boy,

    thank u! :)

  10. @jayaram,

    sir, the words we wrote came from our heart and its all that matters to us. a poem need not have depth, it can be very direct too. dedication is to the friendship we got at the lounge.

    there is only reason needed for me, or my sister to write the poetry. we do it coz we love to do it. and that love in the end I feel justifies our poem. sometimes our emotions cannot be explained...

    we appreciate the comment, and we will drop by the blog soon too.

    thank u.

  11. Sorry, I did not mean 2 hurt ur feelings. True love cannot be expressed in a single word/sentence. I have through these emotions searching 4 answers. It had been like a mirage in a desert and a tornado sweeping over the island. I can very well understand ur feelings b'coz I have encountered life harshly.
    Bye, 4 now and god bless. Take care.


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