April 28, 2009

I don't love

continued from forever yours

"You really don't understand.. do you ?" She said, wiping her tears.
"What's there to understand ? I love you more than myself.. what else do WE need ?" he was confused still.
"I don't even love myself. How can i love you?"
"Don't worry.. I will make you fall in love with yourself" he said hugging her.


  1. awwee I know this one.. i have felt this one.. this happened for real! thank you sooooooo much! I so want to dedicate this piece to someone. :D big hug to you for writing this!

  2. my pleasure sweetie.... i know this is real coz its ME !! :) thanks fr reading !!

  3. brilliant...thnk u for such a great follow up:)
    it was just wow, esp the last line!!!

  4. Beautiful! goin out on a break wid a bang r u! :)

  5. @Comfortale numb : As i already said, a good write inspires more :) just like urs did !! thanks for liking it !!

  6. @Mav : was it a bang !! naaah !!! neway thanks for ur kind words :)

  7. wow...i wish my man tell me the last line....!!!

    nice work friend...i loved it..!!!

    i am now thinking of my dream boy..!!!

  8. thanks yamini !! hope yur dreams come true :)


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