April 25, 2009

The "Status Message" obsession!!

A new kinda craze has taken over everyone [including ME] nowadays.

---> Getting new status messages and showing it off to everyone through internet messengers,social networking sites and blogging sites has been the latest trend in the virtual world.

Everyone keeps friends updated about the events taking place in their lives through status messages.

For Example :-

"Exams approaching".

"Busy with studies".

"Won the runner-up prize in 'X' competition".

"Going to USA".

"Received a job offer at 'so & so' place".

"Secured admission in ..... field"

And so on and on and on and on and on.................

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The other kinds of status messages found in virtual world are the motivational quotes,funny one-liners.

Many many quotations from various other subjects can also be noticed.

Sentimental broken heart quotes are the best status messages[According to me]in the world of internet.

Status messages also sometimes indicate the relationship status.


And there had been an incident published in the newspaper :-

A guy had written his status message on some messenger -

"Found a new girlfriend".

Somehow,his x-gf happened to sign in and she also changed her status message to :-

"If you're foolish enough to let me go,I'm smart enough to find a new one".

Conclusion derived is :- Status messages can lead to break-ups.

However,they can also lead to the beginning of a new relationship.

For instance :-

"I must be a good liar if you think I want to be just friends".

A new turn came in the life of the girl who had written this as her status message.


Other than these,there is sarcasm also with implied meaning.

You can check out my status messages for that when you're free[that is if you're in my messenger list].

I'm not going to write any of those here.It's my most precious collection.

People write the links of their blogs,the web-sites they own,the links of their organization etc...........

All kinds of status messages can be observed in this large world of virtual reality.

To end this article,I'm reminded of a very profoundly sarcastic status message of mine :-

"Don't cry thinking that it's all over,smile 'cause it happened".

A friend of mine asked me to modify it as :-

"Don't cry 'cause it's not over,Smile 'cause lot more to come......."!!

However,the main point is most of these status messages are "copied-pasted".

Very very few status messages are self-written.

If you've read my post "Real kind of an illusion-love" ,
a friend of mine copied the first sentence of this post and wrote it as the status message on a social networking site.

The worst part is people take our words for granted & don't even ask for permission to use it.


----Sarcasm unveiled----

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  1. LOL! Reminds me of the silly one I set today morning...

    Ms.R. dreams of a better world, where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned

  2. LOL :D ..I set in facebook quite often...sahi hai :D

  3. lol...true..i agree...all in for the social networking sites...

  4. lol.. status wars are mine and stibu's speciality.. nice post girl! :D

  5. Thank you so much everyone!! :)

    @ Kajal :-

    I've witnessed it!! :)

    he he

  6. lol.. status wars are mine and stibu's speciality.. nice post girl! :D :P

    yes kajal

  7. Welcome back to the lounge girl....

    And what a post...???

    Pretty good one...
    keep posting... :)

    I hope some day i have Nicollete Bird in my frd list when i change my status to "I love Nicolette Bird " .... :P :D

  8. @ TSW

    :) he he

    @ TVB

    Thank you so much!!I hope your "hope" gets true. :)


  9. hey.. welcome back !! missed this cute puppy ;) !!

    and yeah .. status message are indeed fun !! I read them whenever m free and bored ;)

  10. Thank youuuuuuu!! :)

    Glad you missed my puppy! :)


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