April 25, 2009

Mother (A Dedication)

I fight with you almost everyday....but i still love you a lot mom...its a gift from god i treasure the most...thanks for being there...i am sure i havent done justice to what beautiful person a mother is but i wanted to write....i tried kan...

Did god know what he created?
A soul so pure and untainted
Limits to whose love were unknown
Was it always there or with time had it grown?

Bearing the pain with a twinkle in the eye
Her eyes are numb whenever I cry
Buried in her lap, all worries drown
Her loving smile obscures my frown

She calls me her little angel
The one she molded with her love and care
Gave me the wings to fly and dare
Waves came and made me shudder
But she stood by me as an impregnable pillar

Her love so pure and beautiful divine
Gave me her all but didn’t even whine
Took away my pain with every embrace
When my thoughts went limp
She was the one with a ready stash
I never question the presence of God
Because in her I see the almighty Lord

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  1. wow! Tweety didn't i tell you I was waiting.. coz I knew you'd come up with a delightable read..

    Mom is yes The Lord.. !! :) BEAUTIFUL to say the least! :D

  2. "Buried in her lap, all worries drown"
    Loved this line :) very true..

  3. @kan

    mmmuuaahh sweetheart...i was so apprehensive for this one..thanks babes..

  4. shweta that's very good
    you write very well
    well done


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