April 19, 2009

For Old times sake

As he sat back and watched them go, memories of yore flooded his thoughts and there was a momenatry urge to let a tear roll down. It had been almost 5 years ago when they bid their goodbyes. The moment passed, and he put the tissue down on the table, picked up the pencil and scribbled on the dry parchment.

Lived in one hole, once upon a time
hues of the rainbow, seven
and rabits and birds, hearts of joy
And read about the battle of Troy

They learnt of heros sung unsung,
and dreamt of conquests in woods far flung
Some took the wind, others set sail
To different worlds, no fear to fail

Now and then when paths criss cross,
Shared are tales of battles won and lost
They hug farewell, the warmth no fake
And shout with cheer, "for old time's sake!"

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My first post at the WL :)


  1. a good start dear!
    welcome to the family!
    visited ur blog too... its really good!
    keep it up!


  2. bidding farewell to old friends is realy hurting...

    nice one....keep writing

  3. woaaaa... it was wonderfully put.. welcome aboard!!

  4. M gonna meet my college friends next month after 2 years !! ur poem brought so many memories !! lovely poem

  5. i am gonna face the farewell in other week...and your poem brought to me some good memories with my friends...!!!

    nice writeup Pisku..!!!

    Welcome to the Family...i am new too..!!!

  6. it was really wonderful
    Welcome to WL :-)

  7. Emotional atyachar..... :P

    he he...
    nice post....
    Reunion and farewell day are occasions of mixed emotions....
    Whatever be the emotion as u said...Its really genuine... :)

    Welcome to the Lounge.... :)

  8. Thanks everybody for such a warm welcome. Looking forward for reading writing and the lounge!


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