April 21, 2009

She still loves me....!

Then he saw her rushing towards him. He wanted to say, express and love. He wanted to show his love and longing for her.

But then he felt a helpless jerk thinking “Will she hate me now?”

Suddenly he felt certain softness and her lips feeling his.

He smiled, “she still trusts and loves me”

P.S. This is a reply and a alternate view to Rash's post "Then she saw him"


  1. it is toooooooooo mushy..and me loved it! :D

  2. so very romantic....someone compile all these into a novel...will become a romantic bestseller ever

  3. Very very romantic..Loved it so much Nab :)
    everything just perfect

  4. All's well that ends well !! :)

  5. thats the most optimistic possible reply ;)

  6. @Kajal thanks so much dearie..i loved u loving it :D

    @Aparna ya i know it started into a negative connotative and ended too mushy :P

    @Hashan thanks so much :-)

    @Prats offcourse all has to end well :-)

    @Pulkit thanks :-)


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