April 21, 2009

Then she saw him..

I saw his almost lifeless body. My heart skipped a beat. This explained everything. I knew he could never have left me. How do I have even thought of that? How could I have doubted his love? I hated myself. I rushed next to him and held his cold hand. The hand I’ll never leave.

Reply to Nab


  1. Wow...
    This continuity and perspective is very good....

    good post.... :)

  2. Inspirational post... This form is quick and interesting; however, you need to have the whole story in mind and need to know specifically what you intend to write. I loved the way the writer has put across the thoughts here.

    Keep writing :)

  3. loved the movement of script in positive direction!
    optimistic view of creativity!

  4. the continuation is apt

    keep it up rash :)

  5. too good sweetheart ...now wait for my turn :P

  6. wow...thats the best write up friend..!!!


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