April 21, 2009

Is rebellion the new tradition?

The opening salvo: Crise D'identité (Read introduction here)
ME: You gave me the wings but you don't want to see me fly my own course?
DAD: You shall fly son, but the skies are full of vultures and hunters prowl the fields below. There is a certain wisdom in the values that our forefathers laid down for us.
ME: We don't understand the wisdom anymore. They are just habits now. Habits that are fading with the wear and tear of the force called time.
DAD:We may not have the wisdom to understand the knowledge that is passed down from generations. But habits are a way of making sure we don't have to suffer again, don't have to re-learn by making the same mistakes. Tradition is that learning passed down the ages.
ME: If I live in conformity to tradition, I live a stranger to my own times. Resisting change until the the world becomes a strange place. Holding on to tradition more as an escape from what is. Isn't it better to live in harmony to the world rather than in conflict?
DAD: All I can say son, is that it may not be right to conform, but is rebellion the new tradition?
In the works-"Whose dream is it anyway?"
SIS:I wish I were in your place bro.
ME:No no don't.
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  1. nice one! Gr8 interaction betn a father and a son! luvd da discussion on da so called numero uno question fr us! follow traditions or change and conform!


  2. *If I live in conformity to tradition, I live a stranger to my own times.*

    It is so true in context to certain superstitions which are passed down to us as tradition...

    for example - matching of horoscopes is customary for marriage but if we go by example..

    Lord Rama and Goddess Sita had matched horoscopes too 100% still they didn't have a very smooth married life. Mythology is a proof of that..

    I don't intend to raise a debate here. This is my take on one of the views expressed above.. :)

    Kudos to you Pisku for bringing in a post of this sort with a perfect blend of philosophy and reality!! :) i am gonna be following the series and i might add something too.. :)

  3. Rebellion happens when tere is no understanding on both the parts !! even if one party bows, rebellion still exist !! i can make this point clear with a simple example -

    Girls are not supposed to drink.. not at all publically. Parents will make a biiig scene when ypu do that ! I don't drink .. but i have surely tried few combinations for fun sake with friends .. And my mom knows about it .. She trusts me not to make it a habit and also that i will not overdo.

    There is no place for rebellion in such place where understanding is there !!

    Loved the post pisku !! thanks for taking up such an initiative !

  4. @Kajal: Like i said, this is an attempt to comprehend! Would love to c u write on this!
    Good example on the horoscopes.
    Thanks for the encouraging words!

  5. @Prats

    You hit the nail on the head. We need to seek to understand before we take a view!

    Don't think there is a better forum than this for such a discussion!

    C if u want to write something too! Any genre!

  6. this debate seems to happen everytime

    same words

    its gr8 u thought to write about it

    everyone can relate to it

    very relavantly deals with the genration gap and their ideas

  7. very involving and personal memories came back while reading this...

  8. @Aparna: thanks!

    @Pulkit: Looks like i unintentionally pulled a raw nerve. I'm hoping it doesn't linger!


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