April 21, 2009

I LOVE YOU...!!!

Him: Dont ever show me your face. i hate to see it.
Her: You once said, i am the beauty you ever know.
Him: Why should i ever answer you?
Her: You once said, anything i asked for.
Him: Leave the past, Live in the present.
Her: You once said, i am your future.

***with tears***
Him: What will you be my future when i dont have one?

I LOVE YOU...!!!


  1. awweeeeeeeeee.. this happens.. this crazy thing called love...
    good one Yams! :)

  2. good one!
    once I had read the Him and Her in the post "fading away "... by kajal!
    I always look forward to this...
    her post have had a great impact over me!
    read this one will a great intrest!
    a well read!


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