April 16, 2009

Sail Toward The Rainbow...

A Reply To Maverick's Poem...


Despondent why
Revealing the sigh
Ever present in life
Aggrieved you may be
Maverick of the sea
Still hope can you not see?

Captain of your life
Against the waves that
Reach out and pull you back
Row with courage and desire
Yet the best is to come for you

Yearn for the fire in your heart
Only then comes the desire to
Usurp the throne from your
Foe, look ahead with expectation
Opaque heart to negative emotion
Risk it all again, don’t let the
Wind blow you further away from
All the dreams you once cherished
Rise from the ashes of regret
Destiny awaits you, wearied traveler

Instinct will guide you right again
Now you maybe alone without help
Leave the past, and the sorrow
In due time company will arrive
Foreboding mist may darken your eyes
Even then will yourself on to see light

Mind should be strong, never letting go
Against the current, you can steer
Vent your fury on that which holds you back
Every wave of fury let it spur you on ahead
Raise your voice, and shout into the wind
“I Will Not Be Held Back Ever Again”
Charred remains of the past you will not see
Keep only the memories, which make you, smile

Let the heavens open up, but you continue with hope
In every obstacle, see something that lies beyond it
Veiled maybe the joy, time has arrived to reveal it
Enervate yourself, time to charge through with passion

In your life’s voyage, time now to seek company,
To help you steer the ship, to calm waters

Heal the wounds, let the sorrows be illusions
Afire be your heart with passion, strong be your soul
Perhaps the light is at the horizon, sail on strong
Pain is always there, like storms in the sea of life
Yet only after the rain, does appear the rainbow


  1. Am awestruck, Leo!
    Dis is way more wonderful dan mine! utmost optimism, luvd it!

    No wonder ppl hail u as da prince of poetry!

    Dis one's very good, positive! Thanx fr considering my work even worthy of a reply! Am honoured! truly! *bows*

    believe me I hav tried to wat u hav conveyed so effectively thru dis one, failed uptil nw! wont giv up dats fr sure! :)

  2. @Mav: your last sentence in the comment is my dream that I see for you everytime I read your work...

    @Bhaai: thank you for writing this one Vinu.... I hope it helps Mav..
    it could initiate healing..really..it was that positive..

  3. @ Kajal
    Am nt giving up. Ill leave it upto fate, to providence to decide....!

  4. Leo,

    You should be banned from writing such long acrostics! I have nothing to tell you anymore.. You are in a totally different league!

  5. I agree with Raash !! Your long acrostics can put any one's writing to shame !! wow!!! loved this poem !! and more so for being so very much positive :)

  6. dunno much abt poetry but this one really sounds good :)

  7. beautiful! Loved this...!!
    thats the kind of posts I enjoy reading the most!!
    god bless....

  8. @maverick,
    prince of poems? me..?
    nah, they're exaggerating mate! :)

    glad u r not giving up! :)

  9. @callie,
    i hope it does too...! :)
    glad u liked it!

  10. @maverick,
    glad to hear that! :)

  11. @raash,
    ban me from writing? why? what'd i do? :O

  12. @prats,
    what is this, some rally against my acrostics? :O

    glad u liked em, why make me stop though? :P

  13. @H,
    glad u liked it..!

  14. @pulkit,
    thank u, glad u liked! :)

  15. Allah kasam!!!!!!!!

    I am speechless...
    I have no speech.....

    Marvelous writing.....

    yes its well said u r the prince of peotry.... end of story....
    no arguments..... :)


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