April 16, 2009


Last time had an average response from readers!

Hoping to raise a lot more eye brows this time ... :)

do listen to these , and let me know your views in the comment box for sure!

Will be waiting for them....

have posted a poem at my personal blog too... so enough of work for day! Gosh! Its so hot out here in Kanpur, see you all at the comment boxes! Please keep them coming!


1.EK HASINA THI – Film karz (1980), reinvented by himesh in karzzz(2008)

one of the most popular Hindi film music tracks of all time...originally composed by one of my personal all time favorite LP(laxmikant pyarelal – legend duo! )

“we as love” Bu george benson's (1977) album “weekend in LA”, is similar to this one!

Shameful to inform you that There is no video for this one in youtube! But there are so many for ek hasina thi...


OM SHANTI OM... (karz-1980) SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL LIFT from.... Lord shorty's Om shanti from 1974 !! :( :( :( very sad after sharing this!

THE MOVIE KARZ itself was copied from “reincarnation of peter proud”... I loved the movie karz! But am sorry... I had to share this with u all!

Please post comments and support me so that I can write more on this...

(c) DISCLAIMER: the content of this section is not certified or standard! I write on how I feel, on the basis of what I hear! The views of readers and listeners can differ and I stand here for no corrections to it! The motive of this section is not to throw mud on anyone but to shower flowers on some artists whose work might not be known to fellow Indian music listeners otherwise! Coincidences of similar sounding tunes too can occur in this section without any intentional copying act and for this case I request the musical authorities who might get offended to contact me and correct me!


  1. disappointed by the poor response for the post yesterday...
    hope to have a better one this time!

  2. hmmm...
    We have been doing that for ages now....
    and still going strong....

    I sometimes feel its good to have some inspiration...
    and sometimes feel its bad to copy others hard work...

    well there are some happy moments for us too...

    The beatles were impressed by india's classical music...

    George Harrison went on to sing hare krishna and other bhajans in his own style...

    Karan Johar paid money to obtain rights for the song pretty woman(kal ho na ho)

    black eyed peas have one song whose starting is exactly the one for yeh mera dil for the movie Don.

  3. Hey pulkit!! you are doing a gr8 job...

    but most of the members are busy with their xms and other works...

    So the lounge isnt that active....
    hope u understand and wait for it to become active.... :)

    keep posting.... :)

  4. @ vitruvian boy - thanks bro!
    for the support...

    read all ur points of positive inspirational acts... I knew them !! and I too admire these just as u do...

    would try to bring up some uncredited sources here at thursday thefts!


    and yeah!

    have corrected the grammatical mistakes of the poem too :)

  5. Hey !! i love the fact that i get to hear the original track !! i love the track of "ya ali" from gangster .. but the original one .. it rocks !! :)

    Nice post as usual !!
    Appreciate the hard work :)

  6. Hey pulkit..
    Would be glad if u include the works of anu malik in yr next post.... :P

  7. @ vitruvian boy - as u wish bro! anu malik's 3 songs next .... :D

  8. good information bro!!!
    the one thing about the movie karz was that it was a flop movie of its tyme bt due to sm advts and rumours it comes in successful movie catagory today!!......
    hope to get more paligiarism related posts from you!!

  9. @ paramveer! - hey brada!
    tu yahan pe????
    m so so so happy bro!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks :)


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