April 23, 2009

Resisting the irresistible - (series conclusion from my end)


@ everyone - when I started the tech of FIB poetry... the first post of mine came as "irresistible"... since the format restricted me to write something so short that it could have been continued easily so I posted it as "irresistible - 1"
its very heart breaking to see the series coming to an abrupt end! and that too at such a strage edge...
since past 12 - 13 days whenso ever I had joined this WL family! I am trying to work hard regularly for the betterment of this forum! and this series was just another effort from my end...

just read kajal's recommendation in the shout box to abandon this series for a while!
well.. have written my usual ( not so popular though... ) THURSDAY THEFTS again! and will now try to come up with 55 FICTION Soon! and would try to do something popular again... an unexplored journey again but not at all like this!

:( :( :(

@ tan - sir! totally agree with u on the hardwork put up in continues search of suitable pics for the write up! but I think there had been some due and suitable limitations with the ADMIN team for sake of which they took this decision! my apologies with u since I started this series! :(
nostalgic posting this...

@ kajal - hey dear! m with u in whatever decision u people took! I assure u that neither my pics nor the posts were trying to incite the pics that emerged and the problem that came up cos of this!

@ EVERYONE AGAIN - (concluding this for now... or abandoning it from my end atleast...
the sum up words are....

1 . Irresistible 20 - was brillinat! there sould'nt have been a better work of the label "passion" which was attached with each of my post on this series! (applause!) ... TAN well can come up with some great work of love fiction in future even in the for of novel! Immense potential bestowed of pure love!

2.Irresistible 10 - my personal best effort came up!! :) on this one .... (smiles for myself)

3. Irresistible 11a) - a faboulous reply! kajal (applauses!) sense and dilemma at its best!

these two posts... Will stay a landmark in my memories!

4. Irresistible 4 - a masterpiece by brilliant prats! bows!\

sadness that came today would never end... It has kind of brought an immense fear in me
that would always come... by... whenever I'll think of posting something again! :(

tc god bless all!


  1. ahem... shame to see it end for now.

  2. but sometimes, a break is for the best...and the pics were becoming a bit too much.. my sister(not callie) was asking if it is the lounge, or some other website. coz she reads lounge a lot.

    maybe one a day, with a proper pic can do wonders.

    tan was telling since lounge has basically adults, the pics doesn't matter.. but lounge is also read by those below 20 yrs also... so maybe it was for the best. u needn't apologise for starting the series... its not ur fault that pics became a bit too out of hand.

    waiting for the break to end, and magnificent words to continue...


  3. I am sorry if the decision has hurt sentiments.. but it was taken for the Lounge's good...

    I apologise for grief caused!

  4. Please dude !! no sorry and no sadness !! we had a lot of fun !! it was a challenge to people like me who rarely write on physical aspect of love !! point to be noited, its NOT seperate from us !!! THANKS a lot for the start of such idea... and the end doesnt mean we can't have a cozy camp fire again ... just words next time !!!

    Cheers !!
    n keep writing !

    *high five for the work done in last 2 days*

  5. @ kajal - hugs! its k!

    @ leo - will write something when Il get over this... actually i just woke up in the evening after a sound sleep of afternoon... and suddenly as if storm came in... to the series that was so so close to me!


    @ tan - aap kahan hain sir? pls respond if ur thr...

  6. @ prats - smiling!
    (m one big waala emotional fool... as time will pass by here... people who would come close to me will notice that I am probably one big waala emotional fool )

    hive five back!
    god bless!

  7. u r a sweet fellow dude... dnt take it to heart... all good things end... be glad it did not meet its end in disgrace !! it resigned in full glory !!

  8. I realise that there has been a huge misunderstanding... And hope this will clear things out. It wasnt Kajal's sole decision to delete anything. It was rather 3 admins (Asbah, Kajal and myself) who thought the PICS and not the posts were something that could create some kind of problems with members of WL.

    If we as adults can read, write and appreciate such things, we definitely should be able to understand that emotions and display of emotions are 2 different things. While emotions are uncontrollable, display of emotions are. And hence we have admins. We have in the past raised objections to certain other things and thankfully, they have been well received.

    None of this is to hurt anyone. But it is true that though we have nothing against the series (with personal regrets of not being able to pitch in) the pictures definitely didnt appeal to our sensibility.

    The appreciate of the poetry will always remain with or without the pictures.

    Hope this and the deletion is being taken in the right spirit!


  9. Don't like this apologetic air here! This place is full of creative people. Put that caps on and get something else going now!
    And Pulkit -don't be sorry for getting creative. Ever!

  10. I personally think the series was really good. The pictures were a bit too much on such an open forum. (Although I must hand it to all the authors for coming up with the pics that went with the very well written poems.)

    A change is fine. But don't abandon it foreveerrrr. :D

  11. @ Pulkit: Don't be a dud man for apologizing! Thats like being sorry for being creative. I loooooooved the way you wrote the poems! I am a fan! *grins*

  12. agree with Ms. R !!!! i m waiting to see ur take in chain poetry now :)

  13. i loved the whole series guys...why be sorry for...creativity does not involve any apologies...

    hope no one's sentiments were hurt

  14. @ RV- I always take decision around me in high spirits dear!
    I showed my personal hand of effort as soon as I read kajal in shout box for removal of pics! :)

  15. @ hashan - hey bro!
    whats up? m fine and wish u to not remain sad anymore... coming up with something cool soon!

  16. @ Ms R - m honoured! and kicked up for more... thanks a lot

  17. @ pretty me - would join there soon!

  18. @ I, Me ,Myself - thanks for the response!


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