April 23, 2009

Bereft of happiness!!

##A Woman ## A Pregnant Woman

"Madam,Why are you staring at me since long?"
"Just wondering, how your child would be"
"Haven't you seen a pregnant lady?"
"I have ,"
"I mean don't you have any children? "
" Too many questions dear...I'm a childless woman"
"Oh!I'm so sorry,infact you should be happy"
"Happy for what?"
"Child birth is painful and you are lucky enough "
"No dear,it is the only thing that completes a woman and makes her perfect"
"Its the happiness that she derives during childbirth"
"Is it?I'm already scared as this one is my first baby"
"Its the thing that makes and promotes her to one step further as she is going to take the responsibility of being a mother"
"Don't be afraid dear, you are lucky enough and you will give birth to a healthy baby"
"Thanks "
"A woman without kids is like a fruitless tree and living such a life is worse and I am one"
"Why don't you adopt a child?"
"Well,I'm happier this way "
"you are ought to feel bad when you kids grow up and leave you one day...and I am freed from such things"
"Good luck to you for the same"
"haha,still more days to go and you taught me a lesson about womanhood,thanks"
"Its my pleasure ,dear"


  1. wow! two sides of the coin.. the pain of having and not having a child.. :( i agree motherhood makes a woman complete. :)

  2. wow what a topic and what a way to handle it...

    .chota ste bada kab hoya :P

    but amazingly handled...ya the 2 sides of the same coins and somehow ur dissatisfied either way....beautifully said and writen :D

  3. interesting !! inspiring !! and so sensitively done :)


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