April 24, 2009

Rain ..

Beautiful one which was the real human in me
Standing in front of the mirror i search for inner me
Smile faded, shadow betrayed !
I think of starting everything new,
But end up feeling Blue !

Feelings of heart so blur
Crazy thoughts make a big swirl
Scars hurt deep down
Nothing in my life is my own !

Walking down the lane,
I silently cry , so someone could cure my pain !
The empty bench welcomes me
Sitting there, I wait for someone to hear me !

Black clouds filling the sky,
Birds so freely above fly !
Raindrops falling down
Made it easy for me to mourn!

I wonder is it the drop of rain
Or the teardrop of my pain !
I let the rain drench me like never
I promised to love myself forever !

Water flowing down the streets
Took away all my sins
I Love the rain which washed away all my sadness
I feel like an angel dipped in happiness !


  1. d poem is good...no drama even i dint follow d rule...so think u just came up with the "chain " (of not following rule :P :D ....

    P.S. Pratz...we both r innocent though...we saw it late :( cholly

  2. he he .. can anyone bind creativity with rules ?? tell u a secret .. This 8 lines rule was put by me mstly coz we had this rule before too ( at the other blog where i took part in such a relay poetry ) !! but wen he poem is such good, who cares for number of lines .. i sm never a sticker to rules !! so no probs wd me :)

    @poem : i already said, i enjoyed it !! lovely !

  3. @Gul
    Sweetie trust me m soooo damn happy now.. I thot i have to delete it.. Wow ! gul i guess v both r kinda gangsta here LoL !
    Yea chowwy from my side too :)

  4. @pretty
    Huh now i am breathing normal.. Cuz i was like writin it fa d past 1 hour n m so dumb i read rules after posting it.. N My heart ached so much when i saw tat "8" !
    I was angry on numbers like hell! [Reminded me of my miserable days of solvin math papers..]Now tat u guys r k wit it made me relax a lot da.. Thanx a ton honey!

    LuV U Guyzzzz

  5. i agree wid prats no rules for creativity...i loved the poem...i love rains n u made me love them more....

  6. @Me
    Thanx a ton hon..
    Oh yea rain the best damn thing on earth ! :)

  7. lovely lines.. rain can inspire a lot of beautiful poems.. :)

  8. @Stepman
    Thanx buddy..Is tat spiderman in pic?? I luv him like crazy :p


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