April 24, 2009

Main kabhi kehta nahi,par !!

Jab,Sham hoti hai,
taare tim timate ashmaan par,
Panchi ghosle ko laut-te hai,
Sheher jab sota hai,
Shor kam hota hai,
Maa ,tum bohot yaad aati ho !!

Zor ki barish,
Bijli jab garajti hain,
Koyi bura sapna,
Ankhon se jab ansoo behta hai,
Maa, tum bohot yaad aati ho !!


  1. Thanks :)
    Sorry for posting it in midst of chain poetry.. I could not stop myself :(

  2. sooo sweet !! n dude .. chain poetry ka matlab ye nahi ki kuch aur post nahi kar sakte :P !!

    Ankhon se jab ansoo behti hai,
    Maa, tum bohot yaad aati ho !!

    when i read and thought of these lines, i relaized that vice versa is also true .. i cry also wen i miss my mom !!

  3. its sweet and touching.....:) a perfect dedication to mom...if u r living away 4m her :)

    sorry for negative comment but i think u r from a non-hindi background..so not ur fault actually..i think dese correction should be done...

    laut-te hain
    sota hai
    kam hota hai
    ansu behte/behta hai

    so so sorry if i sounded harsh :(..but ds ll make ur poem perfect :)...sorry i dont knoe u so cudn tell u ds personally :(

  4. hey Prats..Thanks ya..M missing my mom :( ..

  5. I loved it! So true.. I don't know why but this affected my so deeply.. Gonna tell my Mum tonight how much I love her.. :)
    Thanks man!

  6. hey Gulshan, Corrected.
    yes, I am from a non-hindi background..and thank you so much for correcting me.. Appreciated.

    N ya I leave away from my mom..she stays in Assam, I am in b'lore :((

  7. i understood that dear !! call her up n bore her .. i do it twice a day !! ;)

  8. u r welcome hashan....

    prats s rite...call up ur mom....i bore my mom everyday for a good amount of time..though she sees me all 24 hrs ..but still it has its own fun..:P

  9. WoW ! Honestly its damn gud.
    Warmth of mother's love has come up sooo well.

  10. hashan hats off to u...giving appropriate words to mother's love
    really great...each n every line was full of emotions...cant tell how much i loved it...

  11. it was so touching and heartfelt.. talk to mom and read this out to her.. :) it'll make mom's day.. :)

  12. hey hashan - brilliant job again!
    add me in ur fan list ;)

  13. that's very good hashan
    seems to be inspire froma poem of"OM VYAS OM"
    i think u didn't hear that poem but
    sunana kafi achci hai vo bhi
    and bahut badhia likhi hashan

  14. @Prats and Gulshan
    ya..called her and bored her many times ;)) I always do that.

    @ BlossomBlue
    Thank you BlossomBlue.. I dont know your name :(

  15. @ I, Me and Myself

    Thank you so much for loving my poem.


    ya..maine sunaya..wo rone lagi :((

  16. @ Pulkit

    Thank you sir :)) I am your biGG fan too :))


    Thank you bhaisaab :)) aapko achcha laga tou dil bhi khush ho gaya :)
    haan..maine nahi parha hai...kaha milega?? aap ke paas hai tou mujhe bhejiye..badi upkar hogi :))

  17. I so knew.. mujhe pata tha.. we express our love to our Mom only sometimes.. par jab karte hain to itne dil se express karte hain ki Moms ka fragile heart isn't able to bear the happiness and it starts reflecting in her eyes! :) her tears are precious.. keep them safe!

    God Bless her!


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