April 22, 2009

Rain, Pain & The Coward Within

Continued after Kajal's Post: The Rain, Pain & Still More.....

The mood at the funeral was somber. The news of Naina’s death and her pregnancy had spread like wildfire.

Smriti looked at him questioningly. He shot back, “She was my best friend Smriti. Yes, I had sent her a "hi" message, which turned out to be the last she recieved. Pity her mobile got crushed. How could she stoop to such low levels? Alas, let her rest in peace”


  1. totally different.....so sandeep enters the 55 fictions too :P

  2. yeah yeah.. she is not gonna come back and justify her stand!!!

    too good Sandeep..:)

  3. hey...yaaa....

    my first@55 fiction.....he he...cud not resist myself...

    wanted to showcase the kind of people who fear to own up..."he" was the one responsible..."he" left naina for smriti...and at the funeral, just to save his skin he riducules someone who was pregnant with his child...these kind of people are like creepers...spineless...trying to cling on to the nearest object :-)

  4. Good girl gone bad haan.. Feel like pushing him into the grave with her :P

  5. Such people do exist SADLY !! nice one Sandeep :)


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