April 22, 2009

Rain, pain and the fool himself...

Continued after Kajal's Post: The Rain, Pain & Still More.....

Her phone received a last SMS as she fell, crushed! There was a small beep, no one noticed it.
It read:
“Love, sorry for the last message. Hope you did not mind. Happy April Fool’s Day. I Love you. See you tomorrow, same place, same time. Wait for me.”

By then, rain washed her away!


  1. damn....! tan ..extremely good description....!

    I was moved really..!

  2. gosh...this was so moving and intense.....u did give goosebumps :)

    well i shd have expected it...after all its Tan :D

  3. woaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :) now this is what is called a twist!! :)

  4. Hehehehehehehehe... Nabila, I'm honored!!! Am I not? Seena phool jata hai kabhi kabhi ;)

    Nik, I just tried to see the other side of the coin... thought to put in some more foolishness!!!

    Kajal, a twist you expect... a twist you get!! Anyways... dont pamper me anymore... I wrote what I thought it could probably be...

    Mates, just think about the pain the boy will get once he come to know all these!!! He did not lose only one person here - he lost two! Probably the two whom he would love the most!!!!! Thats a curse!!!

    Moral: You need to know what joke you are cracking (or what prank you are playing) on whom, and in what situation. Be safe! Be happy. Be assured!!


  5. Love ur writes, and wanted to say
    I love you too..

  6. ha ha ha...

    reminded me of "The Kiss"...the chain post series me, asbah, adi, ste etc. had done here. I had used the same April fool funda when the girl had killed off the boy...looks funny but when you sit back to think of the loss such a prank can cause...it devastates you :-)

  7. Mates... hope you are not talking about any IPR violations here!! I'm scared a bit!!!!!!!

  8. yup this is similar to Sandeep's twist here (http://weandwords.blogspot.com/2009/03/kiss-new-twist.html)

    but then fits perfectly here too!! :) this twist wasn't expected Tan. I thought it will go on to become more sad.,. so keep it up!! :)

  9. no violations Tan.. I put the link for readers who would like to read something with the same twist..:)

    i am just loving this season of replies!! :) keep it coming.. :)

  10. Yea, Kajal... I got that!!
    I just thought to have it this way, so I put it thus...

    but anyways... I'm a bit concerned now... who's this Roshni??? :P

  11. ha ha ha ha ha...wat IPR violations Tan?? gone mad or what?? Wow...the new mystery...who is roshni?? congos tan...congos :-)

  12. Abe chup kar bhai... maar khilayega tu mujhe... ;) :D :D :D :D

  13. joh sudhar gaya woh sandeep nahi :-)

    aise mat bol yaar nabs...apne blog www.yembeeyae.blogspot.com par toh itne sudhre aur sulje huve posts likhta hoon...he he he...just that on WL i unleash the naughty side of this devil :-)

  14. I love you tan......I love you :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

    i am loving it :-)

  15. All I can think of is - OUCH! April Fool's Day is such an evil!

  16. Well .. this is perfect !! THIS IS LIFE !! you cant fool with it as you wish :)


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