April 8, 2009

MoM March 2009 - Prats aka Pratibha

Member of Month for March 2009 is Prats aka Pratibha. The results are as follows .

1. Prats (8 votes)

2.Kajal Singh (5 votes)

3. Sandeep Balan & Tan (2 votes)

Congragulations to the winners.

The voting process will continue to be the same wherein the Lounge members are required to mail in their option to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com.

eg. if you think Miss .X is your choice for MoM,then you can mail in her/his name to the lounge email id and write the subject as "MoM".

The Following members are considered for MoM- April 2009 based on their recent activities on the Lounge.
  1. Kajal
  2. Hashan
  3. Kings
  4. Arjun
  5. Neha
  6. Ste
  7. Sandeep Balan
  8. Mona
  9. Chirag
  10. Charu
  11. The Vitruvian Boy

Members are not supposed to mail in their name . Please select your favourite member from the above list and mail to writers.in.lounge@gmail.com . We would appreciate it if all the active members exercise their vote. We are a large family.

We apologize for the delay in putting up MoM Feb 2009 badge, but better late than never. Here it is.

Congratulations Aparna.

MoM of Writers Lounge since August 2008.
August 2008 - Sandeep Balan
September 2008 - Sandeep Balan
October 2008 - Sandeep Balan
November 2008 - Priyanka
December 2008 - Ste
January 2009 - Prats & Leo
February 2009 - Aparna
March 2009- Prats

Also Chriz aka The Chronic Writer would be judging the Lol @ Lounge Contest.
About the judge:

Prason Christopher Robin was born on 13th April 1982 on his birthday.He is the author of this blog.He calls himself witty but his friends call him nutty. He fell in love in Kindergarten with a girl called Renu. After 20 years of true love,Renu ditched our author and married another guy.Chronicwriter thinks about her all the time. He blogs about his nephew and niece "Jeremy and Jolena". They are really cute. The author also has an alter-ego, "Mr.X". Mr.X is the author of all the controversial posts in this blog. The author has done his Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation field. To aid his blabbering skills, he went to do his MBA in Marketing and Systems. He started his working career as an event manager. Then he went on to become a Business analyst in the software Industry. Currently the author has jumped into the field of advertising. He is an Ad Critic. He spends most of his free time in writing.The author is also penning a Humor book. He is also a stand up comedian and has been the Master of Ceremonies for all his friends' weddings. He irritates his friends by playing the guitar and singing for them. He is also the CFO of the Chronicwriter blog.


The Writers' Lounge Admin Team.


  1. Congratulations Pratibha and all others!!!

    I just have one question. Who is Prason Christopher Robin??? How was he chosen to be the judge for this contest? I just want to know...

  2. You all rock here in the Lounge. I must say all the winners deserve the award.

    I wanted to know this, because I'm also thinking of organizing a contest at Tell a Tale and I would need a judge myself too. So, how do you choose a judge? Please let me know.

  3. Ah chriz is too good!! :D :D

    I am glad he will be doing it!

  4. Congrats Prats and Aparna.... :)

    It would be a mammoth task to choose the winner....

    Hope the results come soon....

  5. Thats well done ... Congratulations to all the winners!!
    And also, thanks to those two, who voted for me :)


    The judge here is an interesting character... I have visited and seen his blog/website... its funny and filled with humour... hope he will do a good job ...
    When will the results be out?
    What about the Member's Choice??? Are we forgetting that???

  6. congrats prats an aparna and all the winners

  7. Congrats prats and aparna ;)

    Nice to hear about our lol judge, have went thro his blog earlier, his writes are good and lace with witty n cranky humour plus reality. Been folowin it for sometime ;)

    Keep it coming ;)

  8. Congrats Prats di and aparna :) :)

  9. thanks all here to love me so much !!! its a different feeling to be judged MoM second month !! Thank you God to give such nice thoughts to these wonderful ppl to read my lines ;) !!

    btw, were we supposed to send in the enteries for LoL contest ?? coz i guess i forgot :(

  10. Congrats Prats & Aparna.. Such a lovely badges u got..:)))

    Wow Chriz !! Good choice admins..Now Chronic writer has a tuff time :P

  11. :) congrats ladies..!! :)

    a big hug!!


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