April 8, 2009

Raining Loneliness

Sitting here alone,

With no one by my side.
I called for your name,
But I knew you'd never come.

This is the story of my life,
All filled with love and tears,
And all falling down.
With no arms to catch me by.

I'm yearning for you.

But you could never seemed to see,
The screaming in my eyes.
Nor the blood passing my skin,
Or even the tears down my cheeks.

Your love for me is just all sacrifice, isn't it?

It's raining outside,
And you know what rain has to do with me,
It makes me remember about all the times,
Times about you and me together.

I knew you loved me.

I'm still mesmerized,
Though now my heart is pained, it's agonized.
I'm still inhaling,
Though my lungs are asphyxiated, it's suffocated.

You're way too nice.
That's all there is to it, my love.....


  1. liked it... dont know why... may be my liking for rains and a few more things....

    however should it not be blood running my veins or smthing like that.....

  2. Nice one! Lotsa emotions in dis! keep writing! :)

  3. the beginning itself made me so much involved in this write .. just beautiful emotiones poured here !! and the last line ... *killing* dude !! u know wat i mean :)

  4. what beauty!
    speaks for a beautiful soul!

  5. Lovely poem.... :)

    I love rain, I love the mist that forms on the windshield....

    keep it up... :)

  6. Forgot to metion... please take care of grammatical mistakes...

  7. WOW! That was awesome!

    Could see all the emotions flowing... :)



  8. @R
    actually i don't like re-writting what i write... i just upload raw things which i write... and sure i'll take care of the grammar next time =) !!

  9. @maverick
    no doubt ... and i took the pic along !! when i was writting this !!

  10. @pretty me
    yeah i know what u mean ;) !! and thanks alot =) !!

  11. @americanising :p
    Yeah she is a beautiful soul !!

  12. i like the rain bit in the poem.

    nice and sad.


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