April 10, 2009


My hands are trembled..
My words are jumbled
I feel like a lost kid..
Searching for my family
The known faces among the unknown ones,
Standing facing the sky,
With nothing to do,
Helpless but hopefull,
In middle of a big crowd
With loads n loads of people around,
Around me but too busy to notice me,
To eager for thier destinations
Sometimes I feel blessed
That I am not one of them
But sometimes my heart aches
Why " i " am not one of these?
As my words are jumbled,
& my hands are trembled...


  1. Well, a good question at the end... like the thought... well written, Insiya...

    Take a look in to a few lines. They should be like this (I felt):

    Standing, facing the sky
    With loads and loads of people around,
    Too eager for their destinations

    Keep writing :)

  2. what happened insi? i hope everything is fine.. smile a lot girl..a smile makes things easy.. :)

  3. hey jude dont make it bad
    take a sad song and make it better
    remember to her him into yr heart
    then u can start to make it better.....-The beatles

    I liked the cover pic...
    suits the ending words.... :)

  4. I already told u, dint I Insiya? This one was wonderful, poignant! In these moments, wen no one's around, flushing out ur pent up emotions by jotting dem down will help! not to lessen da pain,bt to realize wat u urself r goin thru! nd den ull feel a bit happy fr urself dat u can stand this torrid test that life has thrown at u, nd r not giving up! Keep writing! :)

  5. insi, i loved it...

    am delayed commenter.. so i know ur now fine! :)


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